Succubus Takes Offensive Imagery to the Next Level and Makes it a Core System

I don’t consider myself easily offended, but I do try and empathize with others on language and imagery that could be considered offensive. In the past, there have been plenty of games that are offensive for the sake of being offensive, and they have still turned into semi-popular series.

When it comes to developer Madmind Studio, their 2018 release Agony had it all, demons, sex, language, gore; you name it. However, the game quickly fell apart due to its poor systems and visuals. Now, the studio is aiming to bring players back to hell with their title Succubus, and after spending some time with it, there’s a more focused gameplay experience here that shares the spotlight with some of the most offensive acts you can dream up.

Succubus borrows mechanics that you’d find in DOOM. During gameplay, players control a succubus named Vydija and travel from room to room, taking out waves of enemies. The speed is a bit toned down in this title since most of the weaponry you have access to revolves around melee attacks.

One glaring issue is the exceptionally simple-minded enemy AI. In every room, these creatures will run and crowd you waiting to be sliced and burned. It’s almost annoying to a point since you can’t really put distance between you and them, but it’s effective in proving how much of a badass Vydija is.

Succubus 1

Other abilities include magic attacks that burn demons in various ways. There’s an equipment wheel that is pretty handy in the heat of combat to switch between different skills and equipment on the fly. As basic as the experience was, I found most of the controls to be relatively responsive for the most part.

Cutting through hordes of enemies acted almost like a stress reliever until you increase the difficulty and realize that you aren’t the top demon in hell. There are some skills needed to get through more significant encounters alive, but most of the time, you’ll be hacking-and-slashing like crazy.

Succubus 2

Succubus doesn’t hold back with what it deems to be offensive. There is perhaps something dark and twisted happening in every room you enter. My brain could process most of it as I found some environment interactions clever, but they absolutely lost me with fetus eating.

During gameplay, players will pretty much rip a fetus out of women and chomp on the baby. It’s disturbing the first time, and then you realize that its a requiring element of gameplay. Even with the censor option turned on that blurs out the nudity, I still didn’t feel totally comfortable doing this. But again, this is hell, right? And if hell were a real place, I’m sure it would resemble this nightmare.

The graphics are decent with a variety of enemy designs and interactive environments, but the constant flow of fire and the color red did get a little old after the few levels that I played. A lot of time was spent on Vydija’s model, it seems, but that’s probably because nine times out ten, you’ll see in some seductive pose.

Succubus 3

After my time with Succubus, I’m only hoping that I haven’t seen all this game has to offer because right now, it’s merely waves of dumb AI, offensive baby killing, and sex. There’s also a lack of direction is some stages that I had to restart because events didn’t trigger or enemies wouldn’t spawn, causing me to get stuck. I’m hoping that the character customization and deeper weapon systems add to the playability. Also, I’m interested in seeing what the narrative has to offer because right now, I have no clue.

Succubus is in development for PC – via Steam.

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