Agony Spin-Off ‘Succubus’ Debuts Opening Movie and Reveals Unrated VR Version

Madmind Studio released new details for their Agony spin-off title, Succubus, coming to PC-Steam in 2021.

December will feature a few updates for the game as the developer plans to reveal more plans with the dark adventure. For starters, the team announced an “Unrated VR” version. This will be developed by Ignibit, who is bringing a more immersive experience to the demonic action.

The developer writes in a statement, “From the early beginning, we wanted this production to be more than just an addition to the base game. We wanted the gameplay to be fully adapted to the VR hardware, including new gameplay mechanics and gameplay solutions involving motion controllers.”

Additionally, the developer released the intro video, which we can’t embed here because of the age thing, but you can watch it over at YouTube.

This month more announcements will be made about the game leading up to a new video of Vydija on December 23.

Succubus has the player assume the role of a lustful demon, Vydija, who appeared in the original Agony. After the disappearance of the legitimate rulers of Hell, the demons have chosen Nimrod as their ruler. With his powers, he has risen an empire of corpses. Along with queen Succubus, they have managed to control the chaos that has plagued the world.

However, this role of queen didn’t fit well with Succubus, so she has left to live in the wilderness of Hell. Throughout her travels, she meets a powerful Baphomet who pulls together his army to get the soul of Nimrod. After being captured, maimed, and betrayed, Succubus seeks out revenge.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

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