Visual Novel ‘Student Union’ Launches Kickstarter to Help Fund Project

Visual Novel Village launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming visual novel Student Union to assist with the development and help bring the project to completion.

The team has been working on the project for a while now but is asking for fans to help them on their final stretch. They are asking for $32,000 to complete the game, which is planned to be over 40 hours long spread across multiple endings and character routes. There’s also a text messaging interface so players can keep in contact with other characters as well, which sounds like quite a bit of development work depending on how it works.

Student Union is a choice-driven visual novel where players assume the role of Lane Fox at a pivotal point in his life. Lane needs work during his last year of high school and takes up the task of leading a student organization dedicated to the support and maintenance of his school. However, the administration seems to be hiding something.

During the dialogue, players will build relationships with recruited members and make choices. These choices do affect the game’s story, and characters will remember certain responses, for better or for worse.

There’s currently a demo available of the game, which has a planned release window for April 2022.

You can watch the campaign trailer below:

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