Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Reveals Final Character Trailer; Luke Now Available

Publisher and developer Capcom have released a new character trailer for the latest mainline entry in the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. This trailer highlights Luke, the 45th and final added character to the roster. Further, all content in this recent trailer was revealed in the Street Fighter V Fall Update.

Alongside detailing a backstory involving Luke’s father and an eventual joining of the military, Luke is an offensive fighter who excels at providing pressure. Several of his attacks, such as “Flash Knuckle” and “Sand Blaster,” also grant a myriad of opportunities for devious mix-ups. Additionally, his V-Timer gauge fills as he inflicts damage, rewarding those who take advantage of his offensive playstyle.

Luke is now available as part of the title’s Season 5 character pass or individually for $4.99/00,000 Fight Money. As if that wasn’t enough, the game will be receiving a balance patch in March 2022 that will address several character-specific faults.

You can view the character trailer for Luke in Street Fighter V below for more details on his playstyle:

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Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is currently available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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