Street Fighter V Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Season 5 Release of Dan Hibiki and More

Capcom has released the newest DLC fighter for Street Fighter V as part of the title’s Season 5 release; Dan Hibiki. This fighter is a well-known taunter who uses the “Master of Saikyo” fighting techniques. He is also a popular fighter from the Street Fighter Alpha subseries and last appeared in Street Fighter IV. Dan is a training partner to Ken and Ryu and has reasonable confidence in his martial arts skills.

Dan Hibiki can be purchased from either the Season 5 Character Pass, the Season 5 Premium Pass separately for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money.

The V-Shift battle mechanic has also been freely updated to all players. This new mechanic provides players with all-new defensive options and strategies via a well-timed invincible backdash that slows down time and grants players more breathing room. “The Grid Alternative” training stage has also been added alongside a balance patch affecting all characters’ combat depth.

There is much more to expect from Season 5, most notably the new characters being:

  • Rose (Spring 2021)
  • Oro (Summer 2021)
  • Akira (Summer 2021)
  • A fifth and final unannounced character (Fall 2021).
  • 26 new costumes and two new stages are also being planned for Season 5, including a Rose stage (Spring 2021) and Akira stage (Summer 2021).

There is also two separate Season 5 passes players can purchase to better equip their Street Fighter V experience. You can view the differences between these 2 passes below:

Season 5 Character Pass

  • All five Season 5 Characters and Costume Colors 3-10
  • Five Battle Costumes (one for each Season 5 Character)
  • Six Titles
  • Bonus Content: Eleven
  • Exclusive PS4 Themes and Steam wallpapers

Season 5 Premium Pass

  • All five Season 5 Characters and Costume Colors 3-10
  • 26 NEW Costumes
  • Two NEW Stages
  • All costume colors for all Season 5 characters
  • Eight Titles
  • Bonus Content: Eleven*
  • 100,000 Fight Money
  • Exclusive PS4 Themes and Steam wallpapers

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is currently available for purchase on PlayStation 4 and PC.

You can view the gameplay trailer for Dan Hibiki below:

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