Street Fighter 6 Details World Tour Mode, Battle Hub, Online & Four Post-Launch Characters; PS4 & PS5 Demo Available Today

Capcom hosted a new intricate showcase for their upcoming fighting game, Street Fighter 6, detailing World Tour Mode, the Battle Hub, and much more.

In World Tour Mode, players can create a character utilizing various customization features as they join Buckler Security Service’s training course. Luke will be your coach and give you basic training before the mode starts proper. You’ll have a simultaneous rival and classmate named Bosch, too.

You’ll seamlessly enter battles on the streets with a single button press. Combat has the classic six-button control style but also adds a new four-button modern control style with three attack strengths and special moves performed with one button press.

Special moves are performed by hitting a direction and the corresponding button. An assist mode will aid with combos. Your avatar will gain experience to gain higher stats, including vitality.

Some battles have specific objectives to earn greater rewards, like additional items. Wearable gear can be purchased at clothing shops, affecting your stats, appearance, and characteristics. The lineup changes from time to time.

There are also eateries, giving stat boosts and more. These items can be used during battle to give yourself a boost. You will gain several missions requiring various actions. Further, you can become the student of a legendary fighter, providing access to their Master Action and allowing field usage to destroy obstacles or reach higher platforms. They all consume the drive gauge, though.

Enemies can suddenly attack you on the map, and by using the World Tour exclusive mode, Drive Stall, you can slow time’s flow, making it easier to read foes, avoid them, and make Master Actions more powerful. When foes glow white, that signals their weakest point. Landing normal attacks here triggers pressure time, giving more damage. But landing a special move instead will put foes into a stunned state.

You can view Avatar Battle screenshots via our gallery below:

Becoming a legendary fighter’s student will grant you access to missions, and completing them will raise your bonds and provide more stories about them. You can give them presents to strengthen your bond and receive different responses.

Choosing a Master’s style lets you use their basic attacks, and then using it mid-combat gives you more experience to raise your Style level. Higher levels grant access to new maneuvers from the respective master. Skill points are also earned through battles, letting you gain buffs of various kinds. Drive Stall is unlocked from Skill Points, too.

You’ll obtain flight tickets throughout the story, letting you travel across the world map, reach new areas, and interact with other fighters to learn their skills.

You can view World Tour screenshots via our gallery below:

In the Battle Hub mode, players unite here to battle and even play older Street Fighter titles. Avatars can be used in this mode, too. The Fighter’ Club feature will help players meet like-minded people. A customized emblem can be made for the club you create as well.

Club and network screenshots can be viewed via our gallery below:

In the Fighting Ground mode, character damage effects can be toggled as Battle Damage, affecting fighters’ appearances. In addition, sound accessibility options have been improved in this entry, giving players cues for height levels, distance from the opponent, whether a cross-up strike occurs, and to say how much of the gauge is remaining.

SF6 Battle Hub Match Screen

You can view Battle Damage screenshots via our gallery below:

An extensive Tutorial menu will be available when first beginning the game. There’s an offline-only control type, Dynamic, where an AI assistant will perform attacks and movements based on the battle’s context. This mode is recommended for first-time and casual players.

Moreover, karate-chopping bottles, enjoying Italian cuisine, and parrying basketballs are some of the minigames players can look forward to as part-time jobs to earn currency that can purchase in-game food, clothing, and more.

Completing a fighter’s story mode will grant a new illustration after they’re cleared, viewable in the gallery. Arcade features online rankings. Combo Trial challenges await in beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The game’s speed can be slowed by 50% to practice timing.

You can view Arcade Mode screenshots via our gallery below:

Versus mode will have team battles, with real-life players or the CPU, in teams, single-elimination, or double-style bouts. Extreme Battle is another mode, giving stages unique gimmicks, wildly varying in criteria, best used for a party setting. It can be played in the Battle Hub, offline, or in custom rooms.

Custom Rooms can be set to one-on-one, Extreme Battle, or Training Mode, allowing up to 16 players concurrently. Ranked Matches let players battle worldwide, letting you earn league points upon victory. A new one-time rank-down protection feature will ensure you won’t lose league points in certain leagues. Character-specific and random character-ranked matches, alongside ranked match phases that will determine your rank for a set period. Causal Matches have returned, too.

Custom Room, Extreme Battle, Ranked Match, and more screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

Four post-launch fighters were revealed, listed below:

  • Rashid – Summer 2023
  • A.K.I. – Fall 2023
  • Ed – Winter 2024
  • Akuma – Spring 2024

SF6 Year 1 Characters

Lastly, a demo featuring World Tour and the Fighting Ground, and letting Avatar creation that will carry over to the full game. PS4 and PS5 will gain the demo today, while Xbox Series X|S and PC players will gain access starting April 26 at 12 AM PT.

You can view the latest Street Fighter 6 showcase below:

Street Fighter 6 will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on June 2, 2023.

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