Street Fighter 6 Releases New Ed Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots; Moveset Detailed

Street Fighter 6 Releases New Ed Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots; Moveset Detailed

Capcom has shared a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter 6 DLC character, Ed. The character will be released on February 27, 2024, across the World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub gameplay modes. Additionally, the new Ruined Lab stage will be released simultaneously, “showcasing the aftermath of Shadaloo’s fall as its laboratory lies in shambles.” Owners of the Year 1 Ultimate Pass and Ultimate Edition will automatically receive this content.

Further, players can anticipate several quality-of-life updates at the same time, “including the ability to switch button displays on PC and an Extra Lighting feature being added to Photo Mode.” Ed will be automatically added for “owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition” on February 27, 2024. His second outfit, inspired by his Street Fighter V story attire, will arrive, too.

Ed’s combat toolkit is summarized below:

  • Psycho Flicker: A quick flicker jab from a distance that can go in one of three directions to catch the opponent off-guard and is vital to Ed’s ability to control space. If you hold this button down, Ed will use his Psycho Snatcher from Street Fighter V, where he can pull in opponents with psycho-powered tendrils
  • Psycho Blitz: Unleashes a series of punches cloaked in Psycho Power
  • Psycho Storm: Ed’s Level 1 Super Art sees him striking opponents with a series of high-speed flicker jabs
  • Psycho Cannon: Ed’s Level 2 Super Art, previously from Street Fighter V, generates a multi-hitting ball of psycho power that moves forward
  • Psycho Chamber: Ed’s Level 3 Super Art turns opponents into his own personal punching bag by tying together their hands and feet and pummeling them in the name of Neo Shadaloo

You can view official screenshots of Ed in Street Fighter 6 via our gallery below:

Street Fighter 6 recently launched a Spy x Family collaboration with new in-game items.

The title has also sold over three million units worldwide.

In Street Fighter 6, players can explore different regions worldwide and earn Special Moves from numerous Masters that can be mixed and matched. Master Assist is also in the mode, allowing players to summon Masters like Ryu to aid them in battle.

Moreover, karate-chopping bottles, enjoying Italian cuisine, and parrying basketballs are some of the minigames players can look forward to as occupations to earn currency that can purchase in-game food, clothing, and more.

You’ll seamlessly enter battles on the streets with a single button press. Combat has the classic six-button control style but also adds a new four-button modern control style with three attack strengths and special moves performed with one button press.

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.

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