Street Fighter 6 DLC Character Rashid Reveals Gameplay Trailer, Moveset Details & July 2023 Release

Capcom has shared a post-launch gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6, highlighting the upcoming DLC character Rashid. He will become part of the Fighting Ground and the single-player World Tour mode on July 24, 2023.

Following an epiphany, this returning character from Street Fighter V set off to “find the strongest warriors around the world and record what their meaning of strength looks like. So starts his journey to becoming a vlogger, always carrying around his trusty camera to livestream and capture the spirit of strength.” Maxing his bond in World Tour mode will give players his Outfit 2.

Director Takayuki Nakayama provided the following extensive comments regarding how this fighter plays in this entry:

“His unique fighting style is characterized by parkour and nimble movements while also utilizing whirlwinds/air currents to trifle with his opponents. He has many techniques to attack while moving forward and has a unique Run action that is used from a forward step, giving him plenty of ways to approach his opponents.

His normal moves have a few quirks and are easy to execute, giving him a solid neutral game. In Street Fighter 6, Rashid’s basic ease of handling from Street Fighter V is maintained, while expanding his overall range of movements by increasing the number of acrobatic movements and air currents incorporated into his moves.

For example, Arabian Cyclone is a new special move that can be used on its own where Rashid performs a spinning kick conjuring up a small whirlwind and can also be transitioned into Rolling Assault and Wing Stroke, which were previously available as V-Skills in Street Fighter V. Combos incorporating these moves look great, so we hope you try them out in battle.

As for other additions, Rashid has a feature that allows him to improve his mobility and enhance his moves by creating and using a whirlwind/air current. Rashid’s V-Trigger I from Street Fighter V, where he summons a large advancing whirlwind, is now his Level 2 Super, Ysaar. Like its previous iteration, when some of Rashid’s special moves meet the large whirlwind, their properties change. His Whirlwind Shot also has the ability to create air currents when held down to charge. The OD version of the aforementioned Arabian Cyclone also creates an air current Rashid can ride to victory. Air currents can be utilized to expand his neutral game, strings, and combos, allowing the player’s individuality to shine through.

With these elements, Rashid has become more distinctive as a character, and we hope you will experience the fun of moving around on the screen.”

Owners of the game’s Deluxe or Ultimate editions, or the Year 1 Character Pass, will automatically obtain Rashid on July 24, 2023.  Alternatively, those uncertain on the character can freely try him out for an hour via a Rental Fighter ticket.

For more information on Rashid, check out his dedicated PlayStation Blog post.

The following contents will also be available in the Battle Hub for those who obtain the Rashid Arrives Fighting Pass:

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Key maneuvers of Rashid’s moveset are quoted below:

  • Arabian Cyclone: A new special move that performs a spinning kick and conjures up a whirlwind; can be used as a standalone blow, or transitioned into Rolling Assault or Wing Stroke
  • Arabian Skyhigh: A new double jump move that keeps opponents guessing on where Rashid will land from the air
  • Super Rashid Kick: Level 1 Super Art that unloads a devastating kick while soaring forward and up through the air
  • Ysaar: Previously Rashid’s V-Trigger move in Street Fighter™ V, this Level 2 Super Art summons a slow-moving whirlwind projectile that can be used to pressure opponents
  • Altair: Rashid’s Level 3 Super Art calls forth a tempest that lifts opponents before he rains down on them with a monsoon of powerful blows

In Street Fighter 6, players can explore different regions worldwide and earn Special Moves from numerous Masters that can be mixed and matched. Master Assist is also in the mode, allowing players to summon Masters like Ryu to aid them in battle.

Moreover, karate-chopping bottles, enjoying Italian cuisine, and parrying basketballs are some of the minigames players can look forward to as occupations to earn currency that can purchase in-game food, clothing, and more.

You’ll seamlessly enter battles on the streets with a single button press. Combat has the classic six-button control style but also adds a new four-button modern control style with three attack strengths and special moves performed with one button press.

You can view official artwork and screenshots for Rashid in Street Fighter 6 via our gallery below:


You can view the gameplay trailer for Rashid in Street Fighter 6 below:

Street Fighter 6 is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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