Streaming Arrow Records Announces ‘Ys Healing’ Physical Soundtrack Release; Includes 10 Soothing Tracks to Heal Your Heart

During today’s set of announcements by Streaming Arrow Records on the Digital Emelas Discord server, the company representative revealed that the Ys I and Ys II arrangement album, “Ys Healing,” will be receiving a physical vinyl soundtrack release. Their Twitter account also shared this news.

This package remasters the complete album in a stylish pocket jacket. The soundtrack package is available for open pre-order on their digital store with no purchase limit until August 24, 2021. It is expected to ship in May 2022.

The following tracks are included on Side A of the release:

  • “Eternal Desire ~Feena~”
  • “Eternal Sleep ~A still time~”
  • “Fleeting Love ~Too full With love~”
  • “The Palace at Night ~Palace~”

The following tracks are included on Side B of the release:

  • “Rainbow Eyes ~Lilia~”
  • “The Ice Waltz ~Ice ridge of Nortia~”
  • “Salmon in the Moonlight ~Palace of Salmon~”

The following tracks are included on Side C of the release:

  • “The Black Pearl ~The last moment of the dark / Final battle~”
  • “Dreams of the Goddess ~Feena~”
  • “Door to the Heart ~Open your heart~”

For those not familiar with Streaming Arrow Records and their efforts regarding Nihon Falcom, they have released official vinyl of the Ys I and Ys II soundtracks to overwhelmingly positive reception. With this recent news, they assuredly have the potential to swiftly becoming known for Falcom soundtracks in the west.

Additionally, for further clarification, the reasoning behind this company’s collaboration with Digital Emelas is because not only is the latter a source of news and community for the Ys series, but they have also teamed up with numerous official publishers in the past like NIS America, as well as announcing related merchandise.

So, in a sense, while Digital Emelas is technically not official in the strictest of terms, their history with official partners to promote the franchise’s prominence and relevance in the west makes them a sensible partner of this collaborative venture.

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