Strawberry Fields Once Again Vol. 2 Review – So Many Questions

Strawberry Fields Once Again Vol. 2 Review – So Many Questions

When you catch wind of a yuri manga, you typically know what to expect. However, Strawberry Fields Once Again doesn’t allow you to get comfortable for a moment in the yuri shenanigans. Instead, Strawberry Fields Once Again Vol. 2 brings up more questions than answers, and we see a huge leap in character development.

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Strawberry Fields Once Again Vol. 2 begins where Vol. 1 left off, with a kiss. Akira struggles to understand her feelings towards Pure, and Pure does her best to give Akira some space. This creates a real struggle between the two as Akira demands Pure give her attention and is also afraid Pure will leave her. On the other hand, Pure learns of some troubling news that rocks her entire world.

The entire comedic romance manga turns thriller romance in this volume as we learn a great deal more about Akira’s inner feelings and reasonings for wanting Pure around. Further, we get to see her faced with a family member that isn’t quite handled well in this entry. I just think that the coldness she expressed in the first volume didn’t do these scenes justice as she easily dropped her guard.

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I don’t know if I was ready for what this series had in store for me, but I couldn’t look away for a second. The beginning is a little slow as the characters struggle to understand what the hell happened at the end of volume 1, but things really got moving in the second half.

The second half of the manga introduces a ton of questions that will only my you beg for the volume not to end. You come from multiple chapters of Akira really dissecting her feelings as she struggles to adapt to her quickly changing world all to lead up to one of the most edge-of-your-seat conclusions.

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Each panel in this volume is full of wonderful illustrations. The artist completely flooded each page with highly detailed environments and character details. The characters are constantly on the move, it seems, and the panels keep up with this ever-changing pace. Further, the writing is witty and engrossing, which causes you to slow down and pace yourself through the pages, so you don’t miss anything.

Everything about Strawberry Fields Once Again Vol. 2 will make you want to keep your eye on this series. It is so much more than a yuri romance as we explore some genuinely deep character growth and self-realization in both of the main characters. Some scenes didn’t flow well with the characters as we witness Akira with a family member, and the opening chapters didn’t really create the pacing needed to set up the steller conclusion. However, this is a must a read manga and one that you definitely should read if you’re into thrillers, romance, comedy, and yuri (we know you’re into yuri).

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