Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Shares New Quotes From Director, Producers, Koei Tecmo Staff Regarding Cast & World

PlayStation Blog has released a new post discussing the upcoming Square Enix and Team NINJA developed Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Garland’s existence and the world’s design are at the forefront of the post. Still, there are also numerous quotes by various staff members that shed light on the development team’s mentality regarding this title.

For instance, here’s a quote about Garland by Producer Jin Fujiwara:

“Many villains appear in the early Final Fantasy titles, but their backstories weren’t depicted that often.

I believe a good antagonist should have a clear reason as to why they became a villain in the first place, so I felt digging deeper into that aspect of Garland would be interesting.

In Final Fantasy I, you see him from the start of the game as a knight who has embraced the darkness, but the story never elaborates on why he went down that path. We thought we could expand upon the lore of the original game through Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin by portraying one possibility as to why Garland ended up as he does.

We see the story of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin as an “alternate retelling” of Final Fantasy I. It’s probably easiest to think of it as taking place in a parallel universe that sits alongside that original game.”

Director Daisuke Inoue shared the following quote regarding the iconic Northern Bridge visage paying tribute to the first Final Fantasy:

“This scene is very important, as it signaled the start of the adventure in Final Fantasy I. We definitely wanted to incorporate it into Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin as well.

Hearing the Final Fantasy theme gets me excited and makes me feel like something great is about to begin – I felt exactly the same way when I heard the theme being played during the Olympics earlier this year! I wanted to instil that same feeling in those playing Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin as well.”

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Additionally, Director Hiroya Usada shared his memories on remaking this nostalgic scenery:

“The original northern bridge scene left a lasting impression, so for this recreation, we synced closely with Square Enix on the creation process – from storyboards to sharing references from work-in-progress stages, as well as the lighting and final visuals.

The modelling of the northern bridge was quite the challenge since it was not fully depicted in the original. The overall scene composition for the final cut also took quite a bit of effort.

Since no one had created a model of the bridge before, the Square Enix team provided us with a rough idea of what the castle and Cornelia should look like in this title. We translated that into a model design sketch and then proceeded with the bridge design too.

In order to make the composition closer to the original 2D version, we actually positioned some models in a way that wouldn’t be realistic in 3D. However, given the camera would actually move in the final version, we did take a few creative liberties and moved things around so things wouldn’t seem off, even with those 3D movements.

I hope we’ve successfully made this seem like a modern-day version of Final Fantasy I!”

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Art Director Nobuhiro Goto shared his thoughts on designing the royal family:

“As you might expect, designing the Royal Family was difficult as we had to create 3D versions of these characters from scratch. After gathering what information we could, we’d inject our own Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin lore into it, but it was definitely a challenge to flesh out the overall concept.

As we were aiming for a mature Final Fantasy game, we didn’t feel we could go full-on fantasy. Furthermore, I personally wanted to ensure that I had a justification and explanation for every element of these characters. Even as an alternate retelling, we need the characters to be designed in such a way as nothing seems strange or unbelievable.

For example, Sarah is more like her mother, while Mia takes after her father in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. In addition, we also faced a challenge in how much we could diminish the fantasy tones – as we envisioned this story taking place in the real world, in a future not so far from now, we tried to make the characters’ head-to-body ratio closer to modern humans, and also made other elements such as skin texture and wrinkles very detailed for a more realistic finish.

As well as photo-realistic details, we wanted to bring out the “super-technology” feel and dark gothic tones, so we took inspiration from such design styles as gothic Lolita and punk. Additionally, since white is the base color for Cornelia Castle, we told designer Roberto Ferrari that we wanted to incorporate it into the Royal Family’s costumes too.”

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You can view even more quotes on PlayStation Blog’s official website.

If you missed them, check out the revealed game’s scenery mirroring the first Final Fantasy and the upcoming Jack Garland Play Arts Kai figure.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 18, 2022.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the game’s most recent demo. Moreover, Square Enix and Team Ninja have revealed new characters and screenshots for the game earlier today.

New locations include the Western Keep, Crystal Mirage, and Flying Fortress. Event scenes are also shared showing the group fighting Tiamat and Sophia holding the black crystal.

Sophia was introduced, a warrior who has the same conviction as Jack to defeat chaos, and she joins the group at some point. Then there is Astos, the king of the dark elves, who knows the location of the crystals.

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