Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Developer Interview with Square Enix Discusses Garland, Inspired Series Areas, and More

Square Enix Blog recently interviewed developers Jin Fujiwara (Producer), Daisuke Inoue (Director), and TEAM NINJA’s Fumihiko Yasuda (Producer) of the upcoming Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Several topics are touched upon in this interview, with one of the first being why Garland is such a key figure of centralized focus in this title. The reason provided was simple; despite Garland being one of the iconic characters from the original Final Fantasy, little is known about his transition from good to evil, so this game was made to delve into his motives.

Since this second demo’s new Refrin Wetlands area possesses a striking resemblance to Final Fantasy XIII’s Sunleth Waterscape, an inquiry was made regarding whether other sites from the series will be making their way into the title. While Inoue slightly evaded the question, his brief response alludes to more areas from other Final Fantasy titles making appearances.

Several other topics are discussed, such as the graphical design and combative appeal to more than just dedicated action fans. You can read the entirety of the interview on Square Enix’s official website.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 18, 2022.

Check out our impressions of the title’s recent second-timed demo.

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