Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo Feedback Reveals Positive Combat Impressions and Mixed Presentation Reception

Square Enix Japan published the collective results of the demo feedback for the upcoming Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, the Team Ninja collaborative Final Fantasy project.

The timed demo launched in June of this year, and while there were difficulties with getting it to launch properly for the first few days, it eventually worked. Players had the opportunity to provide their feedback on the experience with a lengthy questionnaire, and these results by Square Enix Japan are statistically compiled.

There was mostly positive reception regarding overall impressions of the demo, showing an undeniable interest in this unconventional direction for Final Fantasy. The combat system’s reception was even more positive, with almost half of all survey takers being “very satisfied.”

However, the graphical presentation was far more middling in its reception. Almost being evenly spread out across each chosen option, the graphics and atmosphere are clearly the most contentious elements of Stranger of Paradise, which makes sense considering the backlash it received for its presentation during its reveal.

As for other aspects of feedback, the most desired information players desire is a UI depicting the party members’ stats. I felt relatively annoyed by this absence when I played the demo too. While I never relied on Ash and Jed since they were light damage dealers or bait at best, knowing the specifics of their health and such would’ve greatly benefitted strategizing.

The demo results contain a slew of other notable elements, and they can be viewed in their entirety on Square Enix Japan’s website.

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