2D Adventure ‘Strange Telephone’ Released on PC With New Gameplay Trailer

Playism has launched the HZ3 Software developed 2D Adventure game Strange Telephone on PC-via Steam.

Originally launched on mobile devices in 2017, this 2.0 version of Strange Telephone, which has new stages and level designs, tells the story of Jill who is trapped in a dark world with only a large door standing before her. However, she is not alone, Jill is aided by a floating telephone name Graham. Graham will create new worlds when the player dials six digit numbers. These worlds can each be explored and contain items that might lead to the key which will allow Jill to escape.

Throughout the game, players will put together the game’s story, which isn’t directly explained. The player will need to explore the game’s 11 endings as well as find all the objects and items to piece together their underlining meaning in order to solve the riddle.

The developer adds, “I feel that if you can manage to read between the lines and figure some of this stuff out, then the world of Strange Telephone can be enjoyed on an even deeper level, so as the developer I really hope that players keep their eyes and ears open as the play through the game and see what they can find.”

You can check out the gameplay trailer below:

Author’s take: Sign me up, this game looks like it’s right up my ally. 

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