Story-Driven Life-Sim ‘On Your Tail’ Revealed for Switch and PC in Gameplay Trailer

Humble Games announced they will publish the Memorable Games-developed story-driven 3D life-sim On Your Tail on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Humble Store. A release date was not provided.

On Your Tail offers players a captivating experience with its key features. Players can immerse themselves in a serene Italian seaside village, meticulously crafted by Memorable Games, in this third-person 3D narrative adventure featuring aspiring detective Diana.

As they explore the picturesque Borgo Marina, players can peel back layers of mystery hidden beneath the village’s charming facade. Investigating the streets and shops, collecting clues about characters, locations, and events, and engaging in strategic card-game-inspired gameplay will help them uncover the identity of the menacing thief who has disrupted the town’s tranquility.

In addition to solving the central mystery, players can build relationships with a diverse group of villagers. Assisting them with their problems, engaging in meaningful conversations to gather vital clues, and forming lasting friendships are essential elements of the game. Beyond the detective work, players can also enjoy various leisure activities such as cooking local cuisine, fishing for extra pocket money, lounging on the beach, playing arcade games, spending time with friends, or simply stargazing. Borgo Marina offers a sandbox of relaxation, allowing players to shape their summer experience to their liking.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of On Your Tail.

You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

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