Sting SRPG ‘Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone’ Now Available on Switch & PC

Developer Sting has announced that their classic Game Boy Advance strategy RPG Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in the West for $24.99.

The title was available on Steam via Early Access but has now left that state.

Yggdra Union tells the story of Princess Yggdra of the Kingdom of Fantasinia. After the Empire of Bronquia invades, she’s left with no choice but to flee with the holy sword, Gran Centurio, which the royal family has held for generations. With the help of the thief Milanor and other allies, she gathers along the way, she’ll have to fight a harsh battle to reclaim the throne and find justice.

One of the tactical RPG’s main characteristics is that each unit includes a troop rather than only a single character. Depending on the characters’ positioning on the map, Unions can be formed to use multiple units in consecutive battles against enemies, making it an extra important element of the game.

This updated release includes various improvements and tricks (in-game optional cheats), such as:

  • Rewind function;
  • Autosave function;
  • Conversation log;
  • Item location hints on the EXTRA menu;
  • Battle turbo (up to 5x);
  • Flunky unit can be unlocked under specific conditions;
  • Sound set function;
  • Trick: Change Milanor into Cruz;
  • Trick: Turn allies and/or enemies’ criticals off;
  • Trick: Skill gauge MAX at the start of battle;
  • Trick: Reverse formation types for male and female units;
  • Japanese/English voice acting that can be switched at any time;
  • Free save even in battle;
  • Infinite item usage in EASY mode;
  • Equipment removal menu during battle;
  • Itembreak adjusted to make the item unusable rather than destroying it;
  • Mouse/keyboard/controller support (PC exclusive);
  • Keyboard buttons layout adjustable (PC exclusive).

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