Sting Releases Mobile Hypercasual Baroque Spin-off ‘Baroque: Become a Meta-Being’ in The West

Sting has been re-releasing many of their classic titles on mobile and Switch, though they’ve all been exclusively released in Japanese so far. However, they decided to pick a curious title for their first self-published English title.

The new hyper casual Baroque spin-off Baroque: Become a Meta-Being is now available in English as a free-to-play title for Android and iOS.

Sting is a niche Japanese developer whose most popular works include the Dept Heaven series. The mainline in that franchise is composed of games previously released in English by Atlus, such as Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, and Gungnir. Other English-released games of theirs include the PS2/Wii versions of Baroque, Hexyz Force, Evolution and Evolution 2, and a variety of Dokapon games.

Nowadays, besides the resurrection of their own classics, Sting has been working with Aquaplus and Idea Factory on a variety of games. These include the Utawarerumono strategy RPGs, Hyperdevotion Noire, the Date A Live visual novels, and even the Psychedelica series of otome games. Baroque: Become a Meta-Being marks the first time they self-publish a title worldwide with English text, probably as the title is much smaller and doesn’t have as much text as their classic RPGs.

The hypercasual Baroque spin-off tells the story of a human who reincarnated as a meta-being called Grue after mankind’s collapse due to the Great Heat. Now it’s up to the player to guide Grue through the ever-changing Neuro Tower, the area where the events of the dungeon RPG Baroque take place. Play as one of the horrendous creatures of the tower, moving ever forward and try to avoid the traps and enemies on your way to the tower’s depths.

Check out the trailer which shows how Baroque: Become a Meta-Being plays:

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