Stick It to the Stickman Preview – The Man Is Indeed A Stick

Stickman-like games always provide nostalgia regardless of context, as those random flash titles tend to be avenues of mindless childhood joy. So, seeing a recent take on the aesthetic, especially in a roguelike format, is certainly jarring yet also equally intriguing. The upcoming Devolver Digital published and Free Lives developed Stick It to the Stickman embraces that roguelike philosophy with humorous physics-based brawling, creating an addictive, endearing romp so far.

Throughout this title, players control a nameless corporate employee, a cog in the machine, if you will, on their first day of the job. But, well, you won’t be working your typical 9-5 desk job. Instead, you’re going to beat the shit out of your coworkers and bosses because why not? The game throws you in the thick of it all as you first ascend the building of your employment, not caring about who or what is in your way.

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Stick It to the Stickman is a physics-based brawler, meaning every movement, no matter how slight, creates ripple effects impacting each combative encounter. The random crates strewn about, to the simple act of jumping, must all be accounted for, making this roguelike immediately distinct from the waves of competition in the genre. In a sense, it can be partially viewed as a non-traditional supplemental platformer where one of your goals is to traverse a continually chaotically changing landscape. Foes frequently pervade the premises, though I guess you’re actually the villain since you’re the one initiating these fights in the first place. Well, whatever.

When beginning a playthrough, players can choose what type of office worker they are, which is essentially a Class system. Each ‘worker’ specializes in particular attacks and attributes. Further, new worker Classes are unlocked by earning Promotions, achieved by defeating enemies and progressing throughout the stages. The worker Classes are quite something, with one even simply being “Weeb,” which can straight up use the Hadoken. A lot of fun was definitely had with this game’s development.


New combo moves and other types of boons are earned as one progresses, and they can drastically shift one’s gameplay strategy. For instance, one of the skills is Levitation, causing enemies to float in the air for a set period of time. It’s remarkably useful, especially against mighty foes, but its lack of raw damage output can be seen as a disadvantage in some contexts.

There seems to be plenty of on-the-fly strategy to pursue, and I’m excited to see what extents are reachable in the full game. The voice acting and general model behavior are quite humorous and similar to the gameplay experience; I’m equally looking forward to seeing how much this bizarre comedic concept can grow.

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Despite appearances, Stick It to the Stickman is proving to be a genuinely engaging action roguelike that is only propelled by its on-the-nose humor. It reminds me of what a non-party Gang Beasts would be like, with that same type of charm, except with more linear-based progression.

Stick It to the Stickman is releasing for PC via Steam in 2023.

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