Stellar Blade Tells Players to “Expect a Challenge”

The Japanese PlayStation store page for the upcoming Shift Up-developed action game, Stellar Blade, has been spotted with a brief FAQ. Most of this list comprises previously confirmed information, though there is one point worth pointing out.

Aside from there being a confirmed physical release, the development team has emphasized the challenge level. In response to Stellar Blade’s difficulty, the following response was provided:

“Combat requires deliberate attacks, defense and evasion. It’s essential to learn enemy attack patterns and counter with precision, so expect a challenge, especially in the game’s many boss fights.”

This is pretty relieving to see, honestly, because in recent days, developers usually either downplay the difficulty when asked about it or overtly emphasize accessibility to appeal to as broad a range of gamers as possible. So, to see a team pretty confident in challenging players is quite refreshing and exciting.

We’ll keep you all updated with the eventual release of Stellar Blade.

In terms of story elements, there is much to ponder. Stellar Blade is set in a not-so-distant future version of Earth. It has been devastated by a global invasion, expelling humanity from the planet.

Shift Up is widely known for its mobile gacha Destiny Child, which is praised for its limited pay-to-win systems. The development team comprises team members who also worked on games such as Magna Carta on PlayStation 2, where you’ll notice some of the influences in character designs from character designer Kim Hyung-tae.

In case you missed it, check out our previous coverage of the game, which was a trailer that premiered during the September 2022 Sony State of Play. Impressive gameplay segments, an immersive presentation, and other intriguing facets were presented alongside many screenshots. For those unaware, this title was previously known as “Project Eve” before the Stellar Blade name was finalized.

Many prospective players are comparing this entry to NieR:Automata, but this experience definitely has a distinct vibe that makes it stand out on its own accord. We’re looking forward to learning more next year.

Stellar Blade is planned to launch exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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