Stellar Blade Will Feature 22 Languages and 9 Voiceover Dubs — Japanese Dub Exclusive to Japan

Stellar Blade Will Feature 22 Languages and 9 Voiceover Dubs — Japanese Dub Exclusive to Japan

Following the latest State of Play showcase revealing the release date for the highly anticipated Shift-Up action game Stellar Blade, director Kim Hyung Tae was interviewed by various outlets. Several gameplay and character elements are delved into greater detail, as well as specific features players can expect. The technical director also participated in some answers.

In an interview with PushSquare, the director announced that the title will feature 22 languages and nine voiceover dubs, offering players a plethora of options. However, there are some caveats. Most notably, the Japanese voices will only be available in Japan, while the Japanese text will be available to select worldwide.

The technical director then confirmed that the Korean dub would be available worldwide and feature lip-synced animations alongside the English and Japanese dubs.

You can view these quoted comments below:

“The game offers a total of 22 different languages, and nine voiceover dubbings. The user can freely select from these options. But we do have to tell you that the Japanese voices will only be available in Japan. The Japanese text will be available, but it’s the voiceover that won’t be. This is due to the voice actors, as they’ll only be available in the Japanese region.”

“English, Japanese, and Korean all have lip-synced animations, so the users will get to experience more natural voiceovers,”

You can view PushSquare’s full coverage for additional details.

In Stellar Blade, the enemy called Naytiba makes humanity flee to an off-world colony. The protagonist, Eve, is a member of the seventh airborne squad; she’s trying to save the planet by defeating the elder Naytiba. Her companions are Adam from Earth and Lily. Artemis is a member of the fifth airborne squad and upgrades Eve’s equipment throughout the game.

Xion is a city built under the Wasteland by humanity’s last survivors. Eve is called Angel by the residents, being both feared and in awe by others, though many will come to trust her throughout the game. You can camp around the world to upgrade her capabilities and heal. Xion is connected to semi-open world areas called the Wasteland and the Great Desert, which encourage exploration. You can gather Hyper Cells; Eve finds these to restore Xion to its former state of glory.

Other items include Exospines and Gears, which are used to acquire SP EXP and new skills, as well as cosmetics like accessories, costumes, and hairstyles. Moreover, this adventure’s soundtrack will be almost entirely comprised of choruses and vocals.

Stellar Blade will be released for PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.

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