Steins;Gate Series Teases Possible Announcement for Next Week

The official Science Adventure Twitter shared an image of test tubes with the numbers, “0.210317” written in the image.

These numbers could mean several things, for starters, the obvious would be the announcement of the new project set for March 17, 2021. Further, if it’s more than just the date, then it could have to do with the in-game’s wordline, which means this would be happening in the alpha worldline. The already existing media closest to this worldline is ‘Vermillion Soteria’ in Linear Bounded Phenogram and the light novel Steins;Gate: The Distant Valhalla. We guess that it may be connect to the Distant Valhalla, you see, we can go on and on, but only time will tell. No pun intended.

This announcement comes after a new Steins;Gate project was announced where the former president of MAGES., Chiyomaru Shikura described this title as being a sequel, or a spiritual successor to the original Steins;Gate. To be more specific, this title’s relationship to the original Steins;Gate is very much akin to the relationship between Chaos;Child and Chaos;Head. For those who are not aware of those two titles, Chaos;Child is a direct sequel to Chaos;Head, the very first title in the Science Adventure series. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development of the announcement. For now, join us as we throw out guesses.

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