Half-Life and Portal Soundtracks Free During Steam Soundtrack Sale

Half-Life and Portal Soundtracks Free During Steam Soundtrack Sale

Valve has recently announced changes in the way they handle Soundtracks on Steam. To introduce users to these updates services, Steam launched a sale earlier today for popular video game soundtracks.

There is a myriad of tracks to choose from, going from 2016’s DOOM’s metal synths to the gentle tunes behind Ori and the Blind Forest. As a user, you won’t have to do much. If you already own the soundtrack of a game, it will automatically convert to the new format. If you don’t own a game and only want the soundtrack, you can now buy them separately as a standalone purchase. This will make it so you can enjoy the music form the games you love without having to spend a lot more than you planned.

Additionally, as an added bonus, Steam users can pick up the Half-Life soundtrack and Portal soundtrack for free.

The only thing I wish that this brought with it is an update to the music player on Steam. While it does its job, it would be beneficial for Valve to invest time into updating the interface for the player to give it a more elegant look. For now, adding your Steam music directory (which you can actually set in Steam, by the way!) makes it easy to play your music in the player of your choice, which is a nice touch.

The sale is slated to go on until February 14, so make sure to keep an eye on it and purchase the soundtracks you love.

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