Beloved Otome Visual Novel ‘Steam Prison’ to Receive New Fan Disk in 2024: Steam Prison: Beyond the Steam

Beloved Otome Visual Novel ‘Steam Prison’ to Receive New Fan Disk in 2024: Steam Prison: Beyond the Steam

HuneX announced they are developing a new fan disk companion for the beloved otome steampunk visual novel Steam Prison called Steam Prison: Beyond the Steam.

In an announcement from the publisher, the team is creating the fan disk as a way to celebrate the game’s 7th Anniversary. Further, the story will take place 2 years after the Grand Ending route of the base game. This release will feature all-new stories that include the cast of characters.

Steam Prison is a visual novel set in a world sharply divided between the privileged and the underprivileged. The story revolves around a heroine who has lived a life of safety, luxury, and comfort in a utopian city perched high above the ravaged surface world. This city, known as The Heights, offers its inhabitants a gorgeous and serene living environment, starkly contrasted with the grim reality of The Depths below.

As the protagonist, a police officer from The Heights, ventures into The Depths for the first time on a mission, she is confronted with a harsh, impoverished world. This world is inhabited by hardworking individuals who have been scarred by their tough circumstances. The narrative explores her struggle to reconcile the stark differences between the two worlds and challenges her preconceived notions and contempt for those living below. The journey is not just physical but also emotional, as she faces moral dilemmas and uncovers harsh truths during her tenure.

The story poses profound questions about inequality and justice, delving into themes of societal divisions, empathy, and the impact of one’s background on their worldview. As the heroine navigates through The Depths, players are invited to experience her journey of discovery, introspection, and, possibly, transformation.

Steam Prison is available now on PC via Steam.

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