Steam Deck Drift Already Seems To Be A Thing, Unfortunately

Steam Deck Drift Already Seems To Be A Thing, Unfortunately

Following the recency of the highly anticipated Steam Deck’s arrival, it seems that joystick drifting is an unfortunate reality that many of the hardware’s owners will have to contend with. Shared by Wario64 on Twitter, various users on Reddit who have obtained the device have shown proof of their drifting issues. More specifically, the right stick seems to be the most erroneous part of the controller.

Hopefully, future shipping of the Steam Deck will remedy the drifting because it seems to be appealing to the Nintendo Switch demographic a tad too authentically. Thankfully, these are the initially shipped units, so the potential for fixes down the line is relatively high.

Links to examples of the Steam Deck’s drifting issue are accessible via Wario64’s tweet below:

For JRPG fans, it is worth noting that no Nihon Falcom game has been verified for the Steam Deck yet. Trails in the Sky FC and several Ys games are explicitly listed as unsupported, while the rest of Falcom’s catalog isn’t even mentioned in any category.

Valve has launched a compatibility checker with users’ Steam libraries, so you can see which of your games are compatible with this portable hardware. Unfortunately, while more game support will be provided in the future, the list of currently compatible Steam Deck games is undeniably meager.

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