Star Ocean: The Second Story R Announces Square Enix Cafe; Menu & Merch Revealed, “Successful & Failed” Dish Outcomes

Square Enix has announced a special commemorative cafe for Star Ocean: The Second Story R, set to occur between October 21 and December 1, 2023. Participants will be able to order food and drinks as well as obtain various merchandise. Our team’s Ryuji has translated the menu items.

Humorously, you can either get a “successful” or “failed” dish inspired by the cooking system from the game. The price seems to be the same regardless of which you receive, which is random.

Additionally, reservations can be made for both Japanese residents and those outside the country.

You can view the food items below:

Claude’s Steak Rice – ¥1,580

Made with Earth rice and beef, this dish is a favorite of Claude.

so2r steak

Rena’s Faerie Light Cake – ¥1,100

A cheesecake with lemon inspired by the Faerie Light healing move. Rumor has it that you can feel Rena’s healing power when you eat this…

so2r cake

Ashton’s Hamburger Steak – ¥1,500

Ashton’s favorite. An assortment of fried shrimp with red tomato and blue tartar sauce, inspired by Ashton’s strong dragon allies.

so2r hamburg

Special Fruit Sandwich – ¥1,200

Fruit sandwiches sold at newspapers in Central City are served with blueberries. The combination of fluffy sweet whip and sour fruit is so popular that even the reporter, Chisato, is a fan.

so2r fruitsand

Miso Soup Udon Noodles with Medicinal Herbs – ¥1,200

A miso soup of daikon radish arranged in udon noodles with some medicinal herbs straight from Jean Bowman’s Jean Medicine Home.

so2r udon

Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Skewers – ¥1,000

Simple yet flavorful, this dish is recommended for adults and solitary swordsmen.

so2r kushiyaki

The drink menu is viewable below:

PA Drink – ¥1,000

Choose one of the base drinks and two of the character-inspired syrups of your choice to perform the private action! Enjoy the various affinities and chemical reactions. The image in the menu says there are over 500 combinations of drinks you can make.  

so2r drink

Printed Café Au Lait – ¥880

This hot café au lait is printed with seven different patterns at random.

so2r cafeaulait

Lastly, merchandise and special bonuses are listed below:

  • Pin Badge – ¥440 (individual price)
  • Acrylic Photo Card – ¥660 (individual price)
  • Large Postcard Set – ¥1320
  • Logo Acrylic Keychain – ¥1760
  • Mug Cup – ¥3300
  • Acrylic Block – ¥4400
  • Acrylic Stand* – ¥1,540 

*There’s one acrylic stand for each character. They’re all the same price.


  • Ordering any food from the menu will give you a luncheon mat (random design out of 6)
  • Ordering any drink from the menu will give you a coaster (random design out of 13)

You can view the cafe’s official website for additional details.

Star Ocean The Second Story R will feature fully voiced event scenes with the original voice cast, a newly arranged soundtrack by original composer Motoi Sakuraba with new songs, including some with a live band, as well as the new Break and Assault Action combat mechanics.

Players can anticipate two selectable protagonists, Claude and Rena, akin to the recently released Star Ocean The Divine Force. Claude is a Pangalactic Federation officer and son of the legendary Ronyx Kenny, causing him to have internal strife regarding his identity. During a mission, Claude’s ego gets the better of him as he’s transported to an underdeveloped planet and spotted by Rena, confusing him for the Hero of Light.

The Earth, Galaxy, and Universe difficulties will also be implemented. Further, the developer is Gemdrops, known for porting Star Ocean: The Second Evolution to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. The original game was developed by tri-Ace.

Subtitled French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support will also be available via a launch day update.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on November 2, 2023.

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