Star Ocean The Second Story R Announces Fast Travel, Fishing & Colosseum; Combat Detailed

The latest issue of Famitsu, #1815, the September 28, 2023 issue, has unveiled new information for the upcoming Square Enix and Gemdrops action JRPG Star Ocean The Second Story R. Several new features were showcased, including some minigames.

Players can anticipate fast travel functionality, with icons communicating significance within chosen areas. For example, red icons signify main story progression, yellow indicates side activities, and green displays Private Action availability. Further, you’re also told which events are limited time, so you know what to prioritize.

star ocean 2 r famitsu fast travel

Furthermore, there will also be skill point allocation and super skills, letting players create more powerful dishes when cooking and reap other benefits.

A Break mechanic is featured in combat, allowing you to put enemies into a break state once they take enough damage. Foes will become temporarily immobile and take increased damage while broken. Additionally, breaking a leader-type enemy will negatively impact other enemies on the field.

Another battle mechanic is the Assault Gauge, which fills over time. Once at max, as indicated by the blue spheres at the bottom left of the screen, Assault Actions can be performed, calling allies to do a powerful attack. Link Combos are also present, enabling party members to initiate special moves in rapid succession, with players able to choose whatever order of actions they desire.

star ocean 2 r famitsu sep 13 img1

Lastly, some side tasks players can look forward to are fishing, which has its own encyclopedia to complete, and a colosseum with battles having specific conditions. There is also something to do with bunnies, but we aren’t entirely sure if it’s racing or if you’re just betting on them racing. Based on the screenshot provided by the magazine below, it may be the latter:

star ocean 2 r bunny racing

UPDATE: A new character has been revealed, Fishing Master Rill, who will give tutorials on fishing:


Star Ocean The Second Story R will feature fully voiced event scenes with the original voice cast, a newly arranged soundtrack by original composer Motoi Sakuraba with new songs, including some with a live band, as well as the new Break and Assault Action combat mechanics.

Players can anticipate two selectable protagonists, Claude and Rena, akin to the recently released Star Ocean The Divine Force. Claude is a Pangalactic Federation officer and son of the legendary Ronyx Kenny, causing him to have internal strife regarding his identity. During a mission, Claude’s ego gets the better of him as he’s transported to an underdeveloped planet and spotted by Rena, confusing him for the Hero of Light.

The Earth, Galaxy, and Universe difficulties will also be implemented. Further, the developer is Gemdrops, known for porting Star Ocean: The Second Evolution to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

Subtitled French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support will also be available via a launch day update.

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Star Ocean: The Second Story R is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on November 2, 2023.

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