UPDATE: Star Ocean The Divine Force Reveals New Screenshots & Gameplay Information

UPDATE: Star Ocean The Divine Force Reveals New Screenshots & Gameplay Information

The recent Weekly issue of Famitsu has shared a plethora of new screenshots and information for the upcoming Square Enix-developed action JRPG, Star Ocean The Divine Force.

Our team’s Ryuji has summated the news, viewable below:

The first two pages introduce five characters: Raymond, Leiticia, Elena, Midas, and Albaird.

Then we have a page with the game mechanics: It shows that Star Ocean 6 will continue the formula of having open-world exploration, but when you encounter an enemy, a closed circle will appear and a battle will begin. This is general Star Ocean stuff, as the Famitsu page generalizes it.

Link actions together with Link Combos! In Battle, you have three types of mechanics: Battle Skills, Active Skills and Useable Items. You can assign a combination of those to a button and by holding that button, the skills you’ve chained in the menu will be used in quick succession. This feature is directed towards players that aren’t used to action combat or don’t like the hecticness of timing skills together.

Up to 6 members can be in your party at a given time. However, only four can go into combat at a given time, with the others being in a space called “Reserve”. It doesn’t really say much further than this, but they also say you can change party members as you see fit. The amount of gained experience for reserved members is not clarified.

Then, on the final page, several new location screenshots are shown. Places such as Osidiaus Kingdom, Dibel Wastelands, Town of Dibel, and Lakas Forest are shown. PLEASE NOTE: Those are definitely gonna change in the localization.

There’s also info about how you can use AP to trigger skills and also how slow mode works, but  we already knew those facets beforehand.

Famitsu has shared several new screenshots, viewable below, sourced from Gouhou:

UPDATE 7/12/2022: We have discovered screenshots via the game’s Steam and PSN pages that have not been in prior press releases. You can view these in-game screenshots below:

Star Ocean The Divine Force is the newest RPG from developer Tri-Ace. The game features a sci-fi setting as the sixth entry in the franchise with an action-focused battle system. This narrative tells an original story led by protagonist Raymond, the captain of a space trading ship, along with Ydas, and Laeticia, the princess-knight of an underdeveloped planet. After how lukewarm Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness was, it’s relieving to see this series be given another new chance.

Throughout Star Ocean The Divine Force, players get to choose between protagonists Raymond and Laeticia, witnessing the story from multiple unique insights. Raymond’s perceptions offer more sci-fi know-how, while Laeticia’s perspective focuses more on fantasy elements. Combat is real-time, utilizing quick maneuvers such as chain attacks that highly benefit from contextual positioning on the battlefield. Further, the addition of Stop Mode allows players to literally pause the action, letting them form new stratagems on the fly.

Star Ocean The Divine Force is releasing on October 27, 2022, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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