Star Ocean The Divine Force; How to Get All Character Endings

After defeating the final boss of Star Ocean The Divine Force, as well as viewing the main story ending and accompanying credits, one last scene will play afterward, with its contents depending on character affection.

Each party member in both protagonists’ routes has an ending centered around them and the chosen protagonist for the playthrough, so there are 16 in total. To clarify further, Raymond and Laeticia both have 8 character endings with the party members during their protagonist route playthroughs.

Character affection is earned through enacting Private Actions and choosing correct choices when they appear. Unfortunately, affection values are not transparently depicted. As a result, achieving each character ending per playthrough can seem like a stressful affair, with it seemingly reliant on following a strict guide. However, there’s a far simpler way to go about all this.

Players can craft a particular item via Compounding called Tears of Aphrodite. This convenient concoction is useable via the main menu, and it amplifies the drinker’s affection toward the protagonist. So, understandably, the protagonist is unable to drink it. Its required ingredients are Aquaberries + Roly-Poly Beans, but its arrival is far from guaranteed. In fact, in my experience, it’s somewhat rare, so it’s best to save progress before losing out on ingredients. Then again, Aquaberries are almost humorously common, and Roly-Poly Beans are dropped from the following enemies:

I recommend crafting around 10 Tears of Aphrodite because that should certainly be enough to spam on one party member to guarantee their ending. Further, it’s imperative that you save the game before using these Tears so that you don’t have to waste time crafting them all again. Then, after beating the final boss and getting your character ending, be sure to load the manual save you made before using the Tears of Aphrodite. Don’t load the auto-save and then save over your previous manual slot. By performing those steps, you should have no issue viewing each character ending across both Raymond’s and Laeticia’s protagonist routes.


Star Ocean The Divine Force is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Star Ocean The Divine Force is the newest RPG from developer Tri-Ace. The game features a sci-fi setting as the sixth entry in the franchise with an action-focused battle system. This narrative tells an original story led by protagonist Raymond, the captain of a space trading ship, along with Ydas, and Laeticia, the princess-knight of an underdeveloped planet. After how lukewarm  Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness was, it’s relieving to see this series be given another new chance.

Throughout Star Ocean The Divine Force, players choose between protagonists Raymond and Laeticia, witnessing the story from multiple unique insights. Raymond’s perceptions offer more sci-fi know-how, while Laeticia’s perspective focuses more on fantasy elements. Combat is real-time. Further, the addition of Stop Mode allows players to literally pause the action, letting them form new stratagems on the fly.

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