Star Ocean The Divine Force; How to Cheese the Difficulty Trophies/Achievements

For those who care about trophies/achievements, Star Ocean The Divine Force has two tied to difficulty; Universal Master and Master of Chaos. I initially thought that these would require their own separate playthroughs, but as it turns out, they don’t.

I only figured this out after beating the title; you can change the in-game difficulty at any time without consequence. So, one can play through the entire game on Earth difficulty and switch to Universe right before the final boss to earn the Universal Master trophy. Furthermore, the fourth difficulty mode, Chaos, is unlocked after beating the game on Universe. Chaos can then be switched to in the same file you first beat the game on, thereby making the Master of Chaos trophy far less time-consuming than how one would first assume.

If one desires to, they can easily grind in the final dungeon on Earth difficulty for swift, painless leveling and material acquisition for item crafting. Alternatively, players can choose to grind in the postgame dungeons for even greater boons, though that’ll undoubtedly be overkill for the final boss.

Regardless, you don’t have to worry about doing two separate playthroughs for the difficulty trophies. Of course, if you’re intent on doing everything, you’ll have to complete the game as both Laeticia and Raymond since they have their own character endings. Still, at least you won’t have to tack on Chaos difficulty to whoever you choose as the protagonist for your second playthrough.

Star Ocean The Divine Force 2

Star Ocean The Divine Force is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

Star Ocean The Divine Force is the newest RPG from developer Tri-Ace. The game features a sci-fi setting as the sixth entry in the franchise with an action-focused battle system. This narrative tells an original story led by protagonist Raymond, the captain of a space trading ship, along with Ydas, and Laeticia, the princess-knight of an underdeveloped planet. After how lukewarm  Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness was, it’s relieving to see this series be given another new chance.

Throughout Star Ocean The Divine Force, players choose between protagonists Raymond and Laeticia, witnessing the story from multiple unique insights. Raymond’s perceptions offer more sci-fi know-how, while Laeticia’s perspective focuses more on fantasy elements. Combat is real-time. Further, the addition of Stop Mode allows players to literally pause the action, letting them form new stratagems on the fly.

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