Star Ocean First Departure R, Remake of the First Entry in the Series, Confirmed For Worldwide Release

Square Enix confirmed today that they will be developing Star Ocean First Departure R as a remake of the first title in the Star Ocean series for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch to be released worldwide.

Star Ocean First Departure R will feature the same story like as the TOSE developed Star Ocean First Departure which released on PlayStation Portable in 2007. The game was an enhanced remake of the first entry of Star Ocean, which marked the first time western players will able to play an official version of the first Star Ocean title. The game used prerendered backgrounds and featured a 3D battle system that showed character illustrated facial features. This entry of the game was a complete overhaul of the first title and used the same engine used in Star Ocean: The Second Story, which also released on the PlayStation handheld.

More information is said to release soon about Star Ocean First Departure R, but right now all fans can do is wait. If this title will be a full 3D remake of the first entry of the series, it could mark a complete reboot of the entire series, which might be good for it since 2016’s Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness wasn’t well received in the west.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any new information as it comes.

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