Stadia Update Adds Search Bar; Now All of its Problems Are Solved…JK

Google Stadia hasn’t had the best experience since it launched in November of 2019. The service was meant to be the Cloud Gaming of the future where users could play 4k games across all of their devices. However, they didn’t account for Bandwidth restrictions or low-quality internet in some areas.

However, today, the company finally has something to brag about: They’ve added a search bar to Stadia for Web. The update will appear for users throughout the week and will help keep track of all purchases, free, and pro games.

Additional features coming don’t currently have a release date, but they shared that an Activity Feed is coming so you can share all your Stadia memories with your friends. The feed can be updated with video and screenshots of games and will have a search function for players to check out clips of games they are interested in.

Further, you’ll soon be able to access Stadia directly through an Android web browser rather than opening your Stadia app. Separately, you’ll also be able to delete captures in bulk on Web.

It appears that Google hasn’t given up on Stadia, which is sad because so many other people have. Hopefully, this new Search function will improve user experience on the platform, but there needs to be a lot more here to get the attention of gamers. Only time will tell.

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