Square Enix Reflects on the Underrated Final Fantasy Type-0 [Part 1]; 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate Final Fantasy Type-0’s 10-year anniversary, Square Enix has published the first of 2 retrospective articles discussing the title’s lofty concepts. This first article focuses on some general key concepts found in the title’s narrative.

Firstly of note are the several nations of the World of Orience vying for control of the crystals. listed as follows:

  • The Dominion of Rubrum: Vermillion Bird Crystal (Power: Magic)
  • The Milites Empire: White Tiger Crystal (Power: Weapons)
  • Kingdom of Concordia: Azure Dragon Crystal (Power: Dragons)
  • The Lorican Alliance: Black Tortoise Crystal (Power: Sword/Shield)

Each nation has its own crystal and distinct characteristics, such as the Kingdom of Concordia’s governmental positions mainly belonging to women. Additionally, their lifespans are exceptionally long compared to residents of other nations.

One of the most tragic facets of Type 0’s world is how death is handled. When someone passes, all memories of their existence vanish from people’s minds. All that can potentially remain of them afterward are tags containing their personal information.

L’Cie, a concept players of Final Fantasy XIII and latching Versus XIII fans should know from the discarded Fabula Nova Crystallis, also exists in Type-0. For those unfamiliar, L’Cie are tragic beings branded with a mission, known as a Focus, by the crystals. These individuals are pseudo- immortal and gain special powers. However, once their Focus is completed, they become eternally crystallized. On the other hand, defiers of their Focus turn into ferocious beasts known as Cie’th.

Lastly, students of the Vermilion Peristylium’s academy, known as Agito Cadets, are discussed.

You can read this entire first dive into Final Fantasy Type-0 lore via Square Enix’s official website.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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