Square Enix Shares Official Guitar Cover of Final Fantasy III Map Theme, “Eternal Wind”

Square Enix has uploaded a new official cover on their music YouTube channel. Seiji Igusa arranged and performed “Eternal Wind” from Final Fantasy III, initially composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Additionally, Yohei “Billy” Horiuchi recorded and mixed the performance.

“Eternal Wind” is one of the most beloved tracks in the Final Fantasy franchise, being the map theme for Final Fantasy III. This new guitar cover provides a familiar medley, except in a far different tone that’s almost suave. This map theme is on the same level of prominence as Chrono Trigger’s map theme, “Wind Scene.” Interestingly, they both have wind in their titles…

You can listen to the guitar cover of “Eternal Wind” from Final Fantasy III below:

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Fans can utilize a highly-requested new font option, the ability to switch between the original and remastered background music, and several ways to adjust the experience. Specifically, random encounters can be turned off, earned experience and Gil can be amplified, and ABP can be altered. Final Fantasy II also has dedicated boost options to make the experience more accessible.

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