Square Enix Announces NFT Collectible Art Project, Symbiogenesis; Spring 2023

Square Enix has announced Symbiogenesis, which has been explicitly stated as an NFT Collectible Art Project. Yup, you’ve read that correctly. The company has been dabbling in NFT-related affairs for a while, such as their Final Fantasy VII merchandise being directly tied to it. Plus, the Square Enix president’s 2022 New Year’s message did mention a significant interest in the metaverse and the NFT market. Still, many were hoping Square would simply disregard it as time passed. Alas, that is definitely not what has ended up happening.

He believes that the metaverse will see a meaningful transition to a business phase in 2022 alongside more sophisticated blockchain technology, and other technological evolutions that have taken place in a variety of fields over the past several years. He also hopes to see NFTs get an eventual foothold in the market, so much so that they become as familiar as dealings that utilize physical goods.

Further, this reality only hurts more when reflecting on the recent past and seeing people connect the ‘Symbiogenesis’ trademark to a potential Parasite Eve remake or revival. But, unfortunately, the truth is not so kind.

Not much information on this NFT project has been shared other than the tagline ‘Untangle the Story’ alongside a Spring 2023 release window.

You can view the Symbiogensis announcement tweet below:

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