Square Enix Shares Mobile Game Updates for Ever Crisis, Brave Exvius, Dragon Quest Tact & More

Square Enix has listed various updates for their ongoing mobile games throughout November 2023, including Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, Dragon Quest Tact, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, and more.

You can view quoted lists of the ongoing celebrations for each of these games below.

    • Taking place now until December 7, FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS will feature a limited-time FINAL FANTASY IX collaboration event where players can enjoy a new Story Mission and Event Missions to obtain up to 3,000 Blue Crystals. Fans can also look forward to an additional 3,000 Blue Crystals as a celebration gift, just for logging in. Other features during this collaboration include new FFIX themed gear for Cloud, Tifa and Aerith, as well as new weapons for Lucia and Glenn. Take on the Black Waltz now, during the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover!
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent Receives A New Main Story Chapter and Characters
    • On November 22, the next part of the main storyline in OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent, Bestower of All Chapter 5: The Gate Finis, will be available. After overcoming the trial in Chapter 4, Rondo and The Guardians of Light will be permitted to pass through the Gate of Finis to discover what darkness awaits within. 
    • A number of new travelers will also be added to the game, including the warrior princess Aedelgard, talented maid and thief Sarisa, the brave and reliable cleric Yukes, as well as cleric Brigitte and ice magic scholar Kenneth. 
    • New EX Jobs will also be available for Primrose (Apothecary), allowing for a wide variety of healing abilities, buffs, and attacks and Tressa (Hunter) will now use camouflage and Bow Traps to deal bigger damage. 
  • Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Features mid-November Events and Summons Highlights
  • Throughout mid-November, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe features new summons, like Romancing Festival Labelle, and players can earn rewards by participating in new in-game events, such as Romancing Saga Golden Tour Co-Op Travel! Plus, Remembrance Battle simulation levels 21 – 25 added more enemy battles as well!
  • Romancing Saga Golden Tour Co-op Travel Missions are available now! 10 different Saga Specialties have a very rare chance to drop in their respective quests! Travel and locate these Saga Specialties! Collect Saga Specialties and complete all missions to get the Saga Golden Tour Trophy! 

Premieres New Global Original Units and Original Story Event

  • From November 23 until December 13, a new Global Original Unit: Hyoh and Panthera Ultimus will join FFBE. With the new Global Original Unit, an exciting new Original Story Event: Hidden Beneath the Mask will be available in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. Players can follow Hyoh and his newfound partner Panthera Ultimus as he aims to master the Ultima Weapon while defending against a man once hailed as a hero who attempts to stand in his way. Players who complete the event will receive exclusive equipment like Hyoh’s Helmet and Indigo Keepsake, and the ability to Change the Future as part of the new story event.
  • Powerful new units will also make their way to the game, including the Global Original Neo Vision unit Solitary Warrior Veritas of the Frost, as well as the Global Original Neo Vision Unit Hyoh & Panthera Ultimus,which features an amazing CG Limit Burst movie. Players can also obtain Neo Vision cards, including “Battle Against Veritas of the Frost”, “Biting Frost vs. Burning Flame”, and “Confronting a Legend” through summons and EX awakening featured units to EX+3.
  • From November 23rd until January 3rd, FFBE will also feature a Seasonal Celebration Weekly Free 14+1 Summon. This summon will guarantee one NV unit weekly. Players can obtain up to 90 units in total! Additionally, starting November 23rd, there will be a Black Friday Special Bundle available.
  • DRAGON QUEST TACT New TACT Thank You Festival Event and Continuation of True DRAGON QUEST V EVENT
    • Starting November 21, the TACT Thank You Festival returns to DRAGON QUEST TACT with the “2023 TACT Thank You Festival SP Scout.” Hero Solo, Hawkhart Ace and Xenlon were voted for by players and have been chosen as the featured Scouts and can be acquired for a limited time as part of the festival.
    • In addition, the True DRAGON QUEST V Event continues in DRAGON QUEST TACT until November 30. In the True DQ V Event Quests, players will have the opportunity to recruit the event-limited S-Rank character Pankraz Gotha, experience a never-before- told story within the True DQ V universe, earn event-limited S-Rank equipment: Shimmering Shield, a Legendary Monster Wrangler Icon and more. The Legendary Monster Wrangler SP Scout will also be available for a limited time.
    • Lastly, the version 4.0 update is now available for the game, which includes improvements and new features such as the T’n’T Board in-game. To celebrate the version 4.0 update, players can take part in a 4.0 Update SP Scout which has a maximum of 100x free SP Scouts.
  • WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Featuring New Characters, Summons and Events This Month
    • This month is an exciting time for WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS players with the arrival of Helena the Black Rose, the JP App 4th Anniversary Part III step-up summon and the JP App 4th Anniversary Part III login bonus, which will be available to players from November 14 through November 23. Additionally, players will be able to access the Event Quest 23 Rise of the Serpent story from November 14 through December 7. Additionally, WOTV FFBE will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday by giving a chance to players to win an illustration autographed by WOTV FFBE voice actors starting November 23rd on the official social media channels. Fans can also watch a recap of the WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 Manual Battle Last Chance Qualifier Gouga Cup on the official WOTV FFBE Youtube Channel. Next, after an 8-month long series of qualifiers, the champions of the year will be decided during the World Final Auto Tournament on December 9. Those interested in learning more can find details in the official WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Discord server or the official website.

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