Square Enix Masterline Reveals Final Fantasy VI Figure; Expect to Pay More Than $2,500

Square Enix launched a trailer for their newest Masterline figure which depicts Terra from Final Fantasy VI and her Magitek armor.

The figure is labeled to be “Coming Soon” by the trailer shown, but the details that we do know is that it stands at 1/6 scale, which is around 12 inches in height, but that may be up for debate the figure could be taller. However, the figure itself has a sturdy base and larger volume that covers a greater surface area. The figure was supervised by Yoshitaka Amano, who provides the illustrations for the Final Fantasy series.

It’s a site to behold as the camera takes viewers across each area of interest on the figure. There’s just one problem…these figures are freaking expensive. The most recent NieR: Automata figure to get this treatment sells for more than $2,800 dollars and can be waitlisted now. We’re assuming this figure to be around the same price if not more for the added details in the Magitek armor or the amount of detail that Terra has received.

At this point, I feel like Square Enix isn’t really making these for fans as much as they are to cement these memories into physical objects. The statue itself brings on a rush of memories from playing the game across the years.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the figure’s release, but we wouldn’t blame you if you’re fine with just watching the trailer.

You can check it out below:

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