Square Enix Interview with Artist Ayumi Namae Discusses Upcoming Dollfie Dream Final Fantasy XIV Y’shtola Doll

A Dollfie Dream doll of Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV was revealed and developed via a collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV Lead Character Concept Artist Ayumi Namae and VOLKS.

Square Enix blog interviewed Name regarding this upcoming product. Namae extensively discusses several facets, such as her role in the creative process and what a character concept artist exactly provides. Essentially, she lays much of the groundwork as her role is to “envision an image based on text-based information or words, then render them into visual form.”

Y’shtola’s outfit, from the Shadowbringers expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, was designed with impressive environmental storytelling in mind, such as her robe being made up of stitched cloth due to limited supplies. Additionally, this design was generally aimed to please Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings fans.

Further, creating Y’shtola’s doll form was deceptively difficult for VOLKS since the “handmade, haphazard look and texture of stitching together leftover pieces of old cloth” was emphasized over simple to make straight lines.

You can read Namae’s full thoughts on the Y’shtola Dollfie Dream Doll on the Square Enix blog. Her wording is quite intricate and is best read 1:1 rather than via a summation.

You can view the official images of the doll below:

Lastly, you can pre-order this product on the Square Enix store for $980.00 ahead of its December 2022 release.

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