Square Enix Highlights Human Head Studios Collaboration For ‘The Quiet Man’ in New Video

Square Enix launched a new video focusing on the developers for their upcoming action title The Quiet man coming digitally to PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam on November 1 for $14.99.

The video features the group of developers from Square Enix and Human Head Studio who have collaborated on the project to bring it to life. Human Head Studios, known for their work on the Rune series and 2006’s Prey is a western studio who have joined Square Enix to bring The Quiet Man to life.

Additionally, the video highlights the production of the live-action sequences and creating a ‘soundless’ game.

Here is the full list of developers:

  • Kensei Fujnaga – The Quiet Man Producer (Square Enix)
  • Tatsuro Koike – Action Director (Yakuza series)
  • Joe Kelly – Scenario Writer
  • Shaun Nivens – Lead Programmer (Human Head Studios)
  • Ashley Welch – Art Director (Human Head Studios)
  • Shu Hamada – Live Action Director (Omnibus Japan)
  • Randy Redetzke – Lead Environment Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Karen Ruiz – Senior Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Chris Miscik – Senior Artist (Human Head Studios)
  • Nick Taylor – Animation Director (Human Head Studios)
  • Kenichi Mikoshiba – Sound Director (Square Enix)
  • Danny Gong – Sign Language Consultant

The Quiet Man tells the story of a deaf man who has gone through many hardships. The game features live action and gameplay sections of exploration and fighting. Additionally, it seems the game is meant to be played in one sitting lasting being a three-hour experience.

In case you missed it, a patch will be released after launch adding sound to the game.

You can watch the video below, it’s pretty interesting so I suggest giving it your time:

Author’s take: After watching this video, much has become clear to me about what it took to create The Quiet Man and it has me far more interested in the game than I have been. I enjoy the passion expressed by the developers and I hope to see that in the final game.

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