Square Enix Reveals New Characters, Worlds and Costumes For Chapters 4, 5 and 6 of Balan Wonderworld

Square Enix has provided several new assets and information for their upcoming platformer, Balan Wonderworld.  The news comprises new costumes, characters, and stages.

Three new trailers introducing Chapters 4, 5, and 6 have been revealed. Each trailer can be viewed below:

World Four is called “The Boy Who Would be One with the Wind”.

This world takes place inside the heart of Chang Haoyu, a boy who dreams of flying through the sky. He attempts to achieve this dream by creating a flying machine created via modified bicycles. The stages comprise floating islands, housing balloons, machinery, and bike wreckage. The Worville Knight boss resides in this world. It attacks the player by dropping cubes and launching propellers.

5 new costumes are confirmed for World Four. These costumes are as follows:

  • Soaring Sheep – A sheep costume that allows players to fluff up their body and float away when holding down the action button.
  • Aero Acrobat – A bat costume that allows players to fly through the sky and unleash strings of kicks to both enemies and balloons.
  • Laser Launcher – A robot costume that shoots lasers from its chest to destroy blocks and activate switches.
  • Box Fox – A fox costume that allows players to transform into an iron box. The box state is used for sliding at high speeds and crashing into various objects.
  • Happy Horn – A horn costume used for something unknown when stepping onto a stage’s spotlight.

World Five is called “The Lady Filled with Avian Adoration”.

This world takes place inside the heart of Sana Hudson, a young woman who watches over birds and the forest. Unfortunately, however, land developers threaten the forest she so lovingly oversees. This world’s stages comprises lush forests full of beautiful nature. The Cuckoo Boss resides in this world, who attacks the player by throwing eggs and flinging nest boxes.

5 new costumes are confirmed for World Five. These costumes are as follows:

  • Guardian Bird – A bird costume that stirs up the wind, attacks enemies, and repels tornadoes.
  • Lickshot Lizard – A chameleon costume that shoots out lickshot seeds used to launch players over to where the seeds land.
  • Lucky Egg – A chick costume sporting a cracked egg that draws in nearby items. The shell is easily breakable, however.
  • Sickle Slayer – A praying mantis costume that throws boomerang scythes to defeat enemies.
  • Hothead – A fiery torch costume that lights torches and fuses.

World Six is called “The Girl and the Kitten”.

This world takes place inside the heart of Cass Milligan, a young girl stricken by anxiety when she sees a kitten trying to cross a busy road. The stages comprise a town fraught with numerous gears and mechanisms. The Purrla Boss resides in this world and attacks enemies with its rocket punch ability. It can also control time via the clock engraved on its stomach.

5 new costumes are confirmed for World Six. These costumes are as follows:

  • Gear Prince – A gear costume that activates machinery via the gear on its stomach.
  • Pumpkin Puncher – A pumpkin costume that shoots rocket punches, with range increasing once shot repeatedly.
  • Pounding Duck – A duck costume that performs a hip drop attack to defeat enemies and destroy blocks.
  • Air Cat – A kitten costume that can reach normally out of range platforms.
  • Chrono Bunny – A rabbit costume that can move enter time portals and move around in frozen time via the clock on its stomach.

Balan Wonderworld is releasing on March 26, 2021, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X for $59.99.

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