Square Enix Assures Fans The Iconic Final Fantasy VI Train Suplex Will Be Polished For Pixel Remaster

In a recent tweet via the official Final Fantasy Twitter account, Square Enix has announced that the iconic train suplex performed by Sabin in Final Fantasy VI will be further polished in time for the Pixel Remaster’s release. This statement was made in response to fans’ collective displeasure with how it has been preemptively depicted. As stated in the tweet, “…we saw some of your comments that the Phantom Train didn’t flip during Meteor Strike. The video was taken from a pre-release version, and will be adjusted in time for launch!

With the release only a week away, let’s hope the animations are enhanced to a more desirable level. You can view the initial tweet updating fans on this occurrence below:

Final Fantasy VI launched on SNES in 1994 and has since received numerous ports. In this adventure, players find themselves on an experience that follows The War of the Magi. A thousand years after those events, humanity has been rebuilt, and a character named Terra appears with mysterious powers. She meets Locke on a mission that helps her escape the Empire.

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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will launch on PC-via Steam and mobile devices on February 23, 2022.

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