Square Enix Strangely Re-Uploads 3-Year Old Trailer For Final Fantasy IX

Square Enix Strangely Re-Uploads 3-Year Old Trailer For Final Fantasy IX

Square Enix Japan’s official Youtube channel has strangely re-uploaded an old trailer for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports of Final Fantasy IX. This trailer upload was published yesterday, which is pretty bizarre since the trailer and description explicitly state this video is solely regarding the 2019 release of these ports. Regardless, it’s a fantastic trailer with a neat vocal song playing in the background and makes me want to revisit this game ahead of its announced anime adaption.

You can view the re-uploaded trailer for Final Fantasy IX’s Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports below:

Animation Group Studio, Cyber Group Studios has announced that they have signed a deal with Square Enix to co-develop and co-produce an animated series adaption based on Final Fantasy IX. In addition, Cyber Group Studios will handle the production, merchandising, distribution, and licensing of the series.

To say this is an odd development would be putting it mildly. Final Fantasy receiving a T.V. adaption is unusual enough, but a kid-centric program developed with 8-13-year-olds in mind is even more of a headscratcher. Final Fantasy games are typically rated T for Teen by the ESRB, with the occasional M for Mature in particular outings. That isn’t to say that the series has never been for kids, though. Several children have grown up on Final Fantasy games despite their collectively darker undertones and themes, so an animated series being made for kids does make some degree of sense.

Part of me wonders if IX was chosen expressly for its setting. Its more medieval context can potentially aid with an approachability to younger demographics, but regardless, I still find the choice perplexing. Hopefully, we see more news of this animated series shortly.

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