Spy x Family Manga Vol. 6 Review – Closer Than Ever Before

    Title: Spy x Family Vol. 6
    Author: Tatsuya Endo
    Release Date: October 5, 2021
    Publisher: VIZ

Spy x Family Vol. 6 hilariously continues with Nightfall, the newly introduced co-worker and underling of Twilight, trying to convince her mentor that she is the most fit to be his wife for “Operation Strix.” She decides to take their current mission together as the opportune moment to show off her prowess as a spy. In the previous Volume, Nightfall noticed that Twilight might not be necessarily acting when showing affection for his “Wife” Yor, convinced he is weakening as a spy.

Spy x Family Vol. 6 1

Their mission together requires them to apprehend a painting owned by Energy Sector Giant turned Classical Art Collector, Cavi Campbell. The specific painting they are going for is called “Lady of the Sun,” and it’s necessary for them to procure because it apparently holds top secrets from the previous owner Colonel Erik Zacharis, an East Military Intelligence member. The Zacharias-Dossier is rumored documentation that held all of his military secrets. This painting is said to have the secret coordinates to the location of these documents hidden within it.

This spy mission leads the duo into an underground tennis tournament where the winners get to choose any item from Cavi Campbell’s collection. It is imperative that the hour-named duo collect it before others become privy to the painting’s secrets. Spy x Family shines in these chapters, giving the ambiance of military importance while maintaining its comedic core. Nightfall brings a powerful presence to the series by showing skill yet fawning over every achievement Twilight makes.

Spy x Family Vol. 6 2

From the super steroid Brolic Brothers to the spoiled & cheating children of Cavi Campbell himself, the mentor & student duo fight through hysterical odds that leave the Spies unfazed and successful. In this tournament, we get more character development for Nightfall & her love for Twilight, which ultimately stems from his capability as a spy but not much else. This leads her to challenge Yor to a private Tennis Match, ultimately showcasing just how capable Yor is as an Assassin & bringing the fake Husband & Wife even closer together.  Jealousy losses to (possible) true love again!

The second half of the volume focuses back on Anya trying to befriend Sy-on boy, aka Damien Desmond, in an attempt to help her Spy Papa’s mission. Again, Anya continues to shine in comedy, where she lacks in suave entertaining the reader with her childish mind-reading antics while also developing her into the centerpiece that keeps Yor & Twilight together. Her relationship with Damien keeps the hilarity going and paralleled with Becky’s friendship; it is clear Anya holds some form of influence over the students in her class.

Spy x Family Vol. 6 3

Spy x Family Vol. 6 highlights Anya’s efforts bearing fruit in a very roundabout fashion yet feels satisfying to read unfold. The story continues to blend elements of old-school James Bond with satire elements poking fun at the genre of spies & family. So much story progression unfolds, yet it doesn’t feel overbearing in any regard, leaving you wanting more.


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