Throwback Arena Shooter ‘Splitgate: Arena Warfare’ Out Now on PC and It’s Free-To-Play

1047 Games has released the fast-paced, throwback arena shooter Splitgate: Arena Warfare on PC-via Steam and it’s free-to-play.

We happened to really enjoy teleporting and shooting our way through the game not too long ago, so being able to play the full version for free is definitely awesome, to say the least.

Those that head over to the Splitgate: Arena Warfare Steam page also have the option to purchase the special Splitgate: Arena Warfare Founder’s Edition, which includes cosmetic bonuses like the exclusive Dweller armor set, four additional Dweller skins, exclusive M90 weapon skin, five bonus SAW packs (which can be used to unlock other cosmetic items), and more for $19.99.

Splitgate is a first-person shooter with a blend of different features from the likes of Portal and Halo series. During gameplay, players will be able to shoot portals around the map to which they can transport themselves behind enemy lines or out of danger quickly. The game also borrows the look and gunplay feel of games like Halo: Combat Evolved, but 1047 Games have put their own balances into the game to make it natural for modern players.

Furthermore, the developer also threw in a variety of ranked, unranked and custom games for players to enjoy. Players can choose to battle it out with friends, against rivals in ranked multiplayer, or take on formidable AI to train. Unlike other modern day shooters that generally have players with various loadouts and abilities at the beginning of matches, players all start each match on an equal playing field with the same loadout, but power weapons spawn regularly throughout the map.

For those esports lovers out there, 1047 Games has teamed up with Twitch for the Twitch Rivals: Splitgate: Arena Warfare Tournament, featuring 16 teams consisting of four streamers each competing live for the chance to win $50,000. The competition kicks off at 9am PT/1pm ET next Tuesday, May 28, and all the action can be seen live via the Twitch Rivals channel. Those that tune in to the stream, have a chance of getting exclusive Splitgate in-game skins, along with Theta Fuel which is used to purchase exclusive gun skins — this was made possible thanks to 1047 Games partnering with

Check out what Splitgate is all about by watching the launch trailer below:

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