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NG Prologue Story: Killer Peach [Episode 5]
Author: Ayumu Hosaka

Somehow, her consciousness still persisted.
What lay beyond death for Tomoko was not the realm of the dead, but a hazy, confusing dream with no discernible exit.
In this dream, Tomoko tries to recall her past and karma.
Her memories are vague, or rather, her memories are gradually disappearing.
She can no longer remember the things she loved, her own personality and name are becoming fuzzy, and she no longer knows how to speak.

Who was the man with a broad back?
What was that illusion where she used to carry an object similar to a small monkey that couldn’t do anything but cry and then read it a book called ‘Momotarou’?

Why is that standing next to me?
Why does he pull my hand?
Why does he try to protect me?

Why does that small monkey attach itself to me?
Why does it hug my chest?
Why is it so adorable?

Even though she feels the vestiges of emotion, the past and present are intermingled and indistinguishable. Whenever she tries to remember, a disgusting smell of black charcoal would flood her mind.
For some reason, she is able to remember bits and pieces of a story about good triumphing over evil that someone she deeply cared for used to love watching.
As she walked, a terrified office-working man appeared in front of her.
She’s never met this man before.
He’s wearing a cheap, wrinkled suit: a pitiful, yet detestable man whose life had been slowly drained from him after constant overtime.

“H-H-Help me…!”

Tomoko, speaking in an old-fashioned manner, allows the pleading man some time to confess his sins.

Only a bit of time, though… His life was already forfeit.

“Wh-What did I ever do…!?”

Tomoko thrusts her sword inside the man’s mouth and slashes horizontally. The man’s cheeks tear like paper, exposing his white teeth.

Because of his screaming, Tomoko’s next strike is easier. She deftly pierces his throat with her katana. The man dies as the blood he’s spurting out bubbles up.

She withdraws the sword with satisfaction and discards the blood from the blade with a halted slash in the air. She continues walking barefoot through the office.

All the men that work in Moon Tower were sacrifices to Tomoko——The Killer Peach.

The only reason the Killer Peach can remember for her existence is justice.
The more justice she metes out, the more stable her existence becomes.
Yet, she is unaware that the stability she’s gaining is a swamp of inhumanity that is slowly swallowing her. The happy, peaceful memories that she once yearned for are disappearing.

She does not realize that the justice she delivers is different than the justice she wished for while she was human. Even if she did realize it, though, the Killer Peach would not be able to stop executing justice.

Just as it’s hard to exert control over your dreams, your actions within those dreams are also very difficult to guide, even though you are the one in the dream.

Because she now lacks her human body, the Killer Peach is unable to tell the difference between the many dreams of murder she used to have and what’s happening in reality.

But she does have many eyes and faces that were looking at reality.

The Killer Peach has three heads.
Her broken head and heart are a reference to her unfortunate end.
She herself has no idea why each head looked like a different animal.
Inhuman abominations that ruthlessly murder don’t really need to have any sort of rhyme or reason to their shape. Her last shreds of objectivity attempt to latch onto a handful of conclusions within the swirling miasma of her thoughts.

——I am a demon.

——I am justice.

——I will kill.

——I will kill men.

——Killing is justice.

——Men are injustice.

——Demons are justice.

——Justice is.

——Justice is.




Her thoughts, concept, purpose, her very self, warps, anneals and melds into a new form. The reason for her existence has now blurred beyond recognition, but one thing still stands out. The Killer Peach never targets women. The anger stirring within her would most likely not be unleashed upon women. Perhaps that is why she couldn’t remember any women in her life.

As long as they didn’t get in the way, she wouldn’t strike against women. It is a pretty vague direction for her actions, but inhuman hatred doesn’t really need to follow a firm set of guidelines and reasons. Besides, she’s simply in yet another dream controlled by the demon of the night.

The Killer Peach convinces herself and searches for her next target.

As she wanders the darkness, she finds another man wearing a Sumii Construction uniform. She had no idea why he was here at Moon Tower, but the Killer Peach fills with loathing,

——I shall slice through his neck.

She puts her hand on the handle of the sword.


Miss A describes everything she witnesses to her co-worker at Moon Tower.
However, information on the Killer Peach is not ever revealed to the public, apparently covered up or hidden at some point.

Miss A is well aware of how much power the top brass at her company has. However, despite that, they seem to be unusually terrified by rumors of the Killer Peach bringing down the reputation of Moon Tower.

——There’s no point in putting a lid on the past like that…

Miss A thinks this as she mocks the men tied up in the affairs of Moon Tower. It’s almost like they were admitting they murdered that woman, and she was now taking revenge upon them. They couldn’t even restrain and silence that woman on their own.

——Truly pathetic.

Miss A knows.

She knows that the Killer Peach’s identity is Representative Tomoko Okayama. A charismatic politician whose husband and son was murdered in a department store whose own life was claimed execution-style.

Miss A knows.

Someone who was intimately aware of Okayama’s daily routines has leaked information to Ishimaru that Tomoko was about to visit his office, allowing him to lay a trap for her.

She knows that the person in question was herself, Tomoko Okayama’s political secretary.

Only Miss A and Noboru Ishimaru know this.

Tomoko had no idea that her own secretary was an accessory to her murder.
As a defender of justice, she focused all her anger and attention towards the root of the disease, the patriarchal society, that she never suspected the women around her. The fact that Tomoko never suspected her was both a sign of trust, as well as a sign that she never bothered to think too deeply about her secretary’s feelings. That was why Tomoko could never read Miss A’s true intentions.

Miss A loved——more than Tomoko could ever know.

She never had any idea that she had backed Miss A so far into a corner, her trusted secretary, who had always done her best to serve her family with devotion.

——I lived my life to do the right thing, as well.

I’m enduring my suffering, yet you and your family show off and flout your situation to me. I’m madly in love, yet you force your own vision of justice onto me.

Miss A knew her own emotions were simply misguided loathing. But just because it was misplaced, that didn’t mean she was going to forget her deep hatred. When she had tried to put a lid on it by rationalizing it as justice, it only made her pain worse and made her feel like everything was meaningless.

And at the end of loneliness——

——At the end of disappointment.

Miss A decided to become a demon.
She couldn’t forgive these people who were so absorbed in their own ambitions that they couldn’t even sense the negative feelings from the people closest to them while they stood at the top of society.

——I can’t forgive them for talking about love.

That’s why she decided to take their most precious thing.

She made her despair and despair.
She killed her heart and soul.

spirit hunter ng lucky peach 4

After Miss A leaked Tomoko’s information, she began working at a company within Moon Tower after Ishimaru recommended her. From his perspective, it was probably a move that let him keep tabs to supervise Miss A, but regardless, she wouldn’t have turned him down.

——By killing Tomoko and her family, I quit being a human and became a demon of the night.

If she, too, is a demon, what’s the harm in living with other demons.
However, she didn’t think that Tomoko would become a supernatural creature and begin killing men. Despite being given the oddly referential name of “Killer Peach,” Tomoko didn’t even notice Miss A’s existence and continues to only murder men.

She was shocked by her at first, but now Miss A feels love and adoration at her figure. That figure is what had become of the female representative women all looked up to. She, who cut down foolish men with her words. Now seeing her as someone that literally cuts down that same evil, it was even more beautiful to Miss A.

Tomoko had finally become someone who could eliminate the evil, the true defender of justice.

If Tomoko’s husband, whom Miss A pined after, could see her, he would have defended Tomoko’s life and tried to support her, even now.
That adorable son of theirs would still jump into her arms despite knowing his mother was a serial killer.

If they would do that, even Miss A could come to accept it.

That family was perfect. From an outsider’s perspective, families were abnormal, yet also the most beautiful thing there is.

If that family had no room for one more person, then that’s how it is. Miss A could have decided to move on and live positively. She would have been able to sort out her disturbing dreams privately.


Miss A also went to sleep with dreams that were similar to Tomoko’s.

Unlike Tomoko, whose dreams only started up once she became a representative, Miss A’s dreams of murdering people had been going strong for over a decade, ever since she was a teenager. Sometimes her victims were women she had never met or men who had dumped her. She had also murdered Tomoko, her husband, and her son, too.
She thought that if she murdered someone, in reality, her nightmares would stop, but after Tomoko’s passing, her dreams have only become worse. Maybe it was because she didn’t actually commit the murder with her own hands, or perhaps it was some other reason. Miss A didn’t know, but at this point, she had already given up trying to differentiate her dreams with reality.

Miss A has no idea why Tomoko had the same dreams that she does. She never told Tomoko the details of her dreams, but the situations and the fact that they often murdered those whom they considered the dearest was the same.

Maybe this dream spread like an epidemic. Or maybe it is a phenomenon beyond human comprehension that has a will of its own and worms its way into people’s subconsciousness.

If that’s the case, then Miss A is guilty of no crime. She and Tomoko were simply dreamseers. It wasn’t Miss A seeing the nightmare; it was the nightmare seeing Miss A.

She finishes organizing her documents, and Miss A rides home on the last train of the day.
The swaying of the train lulls her into a deep sleep, where she is greeted by her usual dreams.
There, surrounded by a burning inferno, and black smoke darker than the blackness of night, the Killer Peach tries to bring down her sword on someone.
Enthralled, Miss A speaks to her from behind.

Mrs. Okayama.
Mrs. Okayama, you saw the world’s injustice and evil, but you never noticed my feelings at all.
Mrs. Okayama, you only had an interest in justice and family.
Mrs. Okayama, I can no longer reach you.

You don’t know how much I loved you and your family.
You don’t know how much I loved the smell of your house.
You don’t know how much——

——Really, how much.

I had dreams of killing you and your family. But you never had a dream about murdering me, did you?

There were times that I really despised you, but those feelings are gone now.
Right now, even more so than before, more so than others…

“You’re absolutely beautiful, Mrs. Okayama.”

Miss A murmurs to herself in her dreams and decides to work hard tomorrow, as well.


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