Spike Chunsoft Hosts TGS 2022 Steam Sale; Zero Escape, Danganronpa, Science Adventure Titles Discounted

Spike Chunsoft Hosts TGS 2022 Steam Sale; Zero Escape, Danganronpa, Science Adventure Titles Discounted

To celebrate Tokyo Game Show 2022, developer and publisher Spike Chunsoft is currently holding a Steam sale. The sale will last from September 14 to September 19 and includes discounts for various titles from the publisher, including the recently released AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, which we gave a 10/10 in our review.

The other selections include the Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes titles from the Science Adventure series, and Danganronpa and the Zero Escape trilogies. It should also be noted that depending on your region, the discount may be higher or lower because of Steam’s regional pricing.

Here’s a full list of the games and their discounted prices in USD:

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative $47.99
STEINS;GATE 0 $13.99
STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace $11.99
メモリーズオフ-Innocent Fille- $15.99
428: Shibuya Scramble $9.99
Fire Pro Wrestling World $8.99
メモリーズオフ-Innocent Fille- for Dearest $15.99
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne $29.99
Crystar $23.99
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars $3.99
Way of the Samurai 4 $7.49
YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world $14.99
Way of the Samurai 3 $5.99
Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate $13.39
Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars $17.99
PixelJunk™ Monsters 2 $1.49
Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics $0.99
KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai Story $11.99
AI: The Somnium Files $7.99
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc $7.99
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair $7.99
Zero Escape: The Nonary Games $11.99
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls $11.99
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony $15.99
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma $7.99
Zanki Zero: Last Beginning $23.99

AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative shows an event where the right half of a corpse was discovered, but the left half was never found until six years later. However, the body has shown no signs of decay, as though it’s only a day old. New special agent Mizuki and her AI partner Aiba are tasked to solve the Half Body serial killings.

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