Spike Chunsoft Launches Mystery Website Teasing Upcoming Game with Puzzles to Solve and a Password to Enter

Publisher and developer Spike Chunsoft have launched a mysterious website teasing one of their upcoming games.

When entering the website, viewers will immediately see 9 floating eyes on top of an ominously bizarre background. Clicking on each of the eyes reveals television screens displaying cryptic clues for the astute to unpack and rationalize.

Lastly, there is a space for the curious or potentially knowledgeable sort to enter a password, and the clues hidden within each of the eyes are the keys to figuring out what said password is.

Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and findings on this Spike Chunsoft related ARG on Twitter via the hashtag #NineEyesTV.

This is quite the unique methodology to market an upcoming title, but it is certainly a standout way. Personally, without any context for the clues, this website contains, I feel this upcoming game is related to AI: The Sominum Files. I don’t wield any proof to back up this claim, but I’m banking on the pun of the ‘eyes’ on this website equating to ‘AI’.

Regardless, we will assuredly see more concrete news on what this puzzling website is hiding shortly after the adept whizzes on the internet devise this thought-provoking password.

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Orpheus Joshua

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