Prohibition Era Adult Otome Game ‘Speakeasy’ Reaches Kickstarter Goal; Yuri Route, Switch Port And More As Extra Goals

Open Late Games has achieved success in their Kickstarter for Speakeasy after just four days of the campaign. The visual novel is an otome game that takes place during the Prohibition Era and features adult content. With the positive outcome, the game is planned to come out on PC via Steam,, and JAST Store in 2023.

Speakeasy tells the story of a young woman called Cora West. As a heiress, she has to marry a man against her will, which leads her to seek refuge in an underground club as she looks for a way to take control over her life and individual choices. This speakeasy, an illegal bar considering the story takes place during the Prohibition Era, is described as something beyond her wildest dreams.

At first, the game includes four routes (Vincent, Milo, Silas and Will). However, the Kickstarter stretch goals also include two additional stories: one for Cora to have a lesbian relationship with Dahlia, and another for a polyamorous affair with Maxim and Nika. A Switch port is also in the cards but as the very last stretch goal the developer has revealed.

The full list of stretch goals is as follows:

  • $24k – Dahlia Route;
  • $30k – “Maxim + Nika” Route;
  • $38k – Besides the adult edition, an all-ages edition that replaces the R18 content with “clean scenes”;
  • $44k – Adds the option to turn off Cora’s sprite and change her name;
  • $49k – Sprite animations;
  • $52k – Six extra CGs (SFW);
  • $56k – Another batch of six extra CGs (NSFW);
  • $106k – Switch port.

A demo is currently available on JAST, Steam, and You can also check out a teaser for the game:

The campaign ends on July 31st, 2023. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest news about Speakeasy.

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