New Space Invaders AR Game ‘Space Invaders World Defense’ Now Available on Mobile by Square Enix & Taito

Space Invaders has had a long history in the game industry since its original release for arcades and Atari 2600, earning a spot inside gaming legends. When most people think of video games, it’s hard not to think about the Invader character that Taito created.

So, today Taito and Square Enix, alongside Google, has released Space Invaders World Defense using Streetscape Geometry API.

This technology allows phones to scan the area around them to interact with buildings in a way that most AR titles don’t do. This will have Invaders change the area around the player inside their phone for a more interactive experience.

Players must explore their surroundings on the lookout for invaders to defeat for points. Earning them special power-ups, spots on regional leaderboards, and sharing AR selfies on the user’s social media platforms.

Space Invaders is a video game series developed by Taito in 1978 and has been released on many platforms since its original release. Players must defend the earth from Invaders to earn a high score, and clearing out all the Invaders in a level allows them to progress to the next.

Space Invaders World Defense promises to bring this classic concept to players’ neighborhoods as they must explore and defeat any Invaders that have appeared. Each Invader destroyed will give points for the player to see their names on a regional leaderboard for their area.

Space Invaders Earth Defense is out now on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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