Soul Hackers 2 Final Summoner’s Guide Details Meals, Shops, New Game Plus & The Safe House

Atlus has shared the sixth Summoner’s Guide volume for their upcoming turn-based JRPG, Soul Hackers 2. Various gameplay matters are discussed here, such as New Game Plus, meals, and more.

The party’s base, the Safe House, is introduced as an area initially used by Arrow. Players can rest, heal, converse with the party, and eat meals here. DLC content can also be redeemed in this locale. Meals are bought at vending machines and restaurants, and they can raise stats or grant explorative effects. Further, Fig will occasionally suggest original meals, and there are 30 foods in total for the party to utilize.

Shops are detailed next and are listed below:

  • Delamancha in the town of Karaku offers healing and support items. New items often arrive here. The honest and energetic receptionist, Yume, is a part-timer and high-schooler.
  • Yoyojo, a shop in the Mansei Realm of the Underworld, provides trades for helpful battle and exploration items. Rare items are frequently in stock here. The store’s owner is Lina, a skilled negotiator, and merchant.

Lastly, New Game Plus is discussed. Fans can carry over certain elements to future playthroughs, as listed below:

  • Character Levels
  • COMP Modifications
  • Map Completion
  • Money and Magatsuhi
  • Items
  • Magic Stones
  • Demon Compendium & Fusion History

Additionally, New Game Plus is highly advised to pursue since there are character events and side quests exclusive to second playthroughs onward. Moreover, the selectable difficulties when starting a new game are Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Free DLC will grant Very Hard Mode. On Easy, you can retry battles without using items, while on Normal, retries require a particular unspecified item. However, Hard does not grant Continues at all. Lastly, on Very Hard, you can not use Continues, and no items are allowed during battle.

Soul Hackers 2 is now available for pre-order on PC via Steam, with Standard, Digital Deluxe ($69.99), and Digital Premium ($89.99) Editions. There is also a DLC bundle costing $39.99.

Digital Deluxe includes the following:

  • Soul Hackers 2- Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers
  • Booster Item Pack
  • Pre-Order Bonus – Persona 5 Phantom Thieves outfits

Digital Premium includes the following:

  • Soul Hackers 2- Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers
  • Booster Item Pack
  • Bonus Demon Pack
  • Costume & BGM Pack
  • Pre-Order Bonus – Persona 5 Phantom Thieves outfits
  • Mary’s Maid Frock outfit
  • Ai-ho Demon

Steam shared new screenshots as well, viewable below:

The official website shared new renders of Yume and Lina, viewable below:

You can view the sixth Soul Hackers 2 Summoner’s Guide volume below. This is also the final episode.

For those unaware, Soul Hackers is a Shin Megami Tensei offshoot that last released for the 3DS, under Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. Initially, Soul Hackers was considered an entry in the Devil Summoner subseries of Shin Megami Tensei games. However, with Soul Hackers 2, it is now its own series while still retaining some ties to the subfranchise.

Atlus West has announced that the game will have the option to choose between English and Japanese audio, with English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish subtitle options also being selectable, providing greater audience accessibility.

Soul Hackers 2 will release on August 26, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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