Soul Hackers 2 Discusses Devil Summoner Allegiances, Demon Fusion, Facilities & More; Everything You Need to Know

Atlus has released the third volume of Soul Hackers 2 Summoner’s Guide, detailing the party member Saizo, the Demon Fusion facility, and other notable aspects.

Ringo discusses Devil Summoners and their group affiliations, such as the super-nationalist Yatagarsu. There is also the Phantom Society, a secretive organization aiming to summon the Great One, though their activity has been more significant in recent memory. Further, they tend to be initiators of governmental and political corruption, infiltrating those facets of society for their own ends.

Facilities used by Devil Summoners are then highlighted, such as the black market housing unique items, an upgrader for COMPs, and a demon fusion specialist. Interestingly, districts of civilization sometimes sprout near the vicinity of these facilities, giving rise to communities that are naked to the public eye, known as Realms. These locations are open to all Devil Summoners regardless of affiliation and can be seen as truce grounds where no combat occurs.

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Ringo then talks about Saizo, who received a dedicated character trailer recently. He is the third member Ringo recruits to her cause and is an independent Devil Summoner, meaning he has no group allegiances. He is described as amicable and quick-witted, making him a valuable teammate who helps keep the party in line during disagreements. Ash is showcased afterward as a compassionate romanticist who is Saizo’s ex-girlfriend and as one involved in his murder. However, they both still manage to have feelings for each other despite the rocky roads they’ve faced.

Regarding combative strengths, Saizo is adept with guns and the Force (Wind) element. He also boasts excellent agility, making him ideal for high item usage and other situations where the party is in a pinch.

A facility titled Cirque du Goumaden in the Roppo Realm performs demon fusions, with there being several options Megami Tensei fans will recognize. These options include Standard Fusions requiring two demons, Special Fusions necessitating even more, Recommended results based on the current party structure, and Searches based on specified criteria.

When Demons learn new skills, they can gift players items such as Mistiques which enhance COMPs in various ways, like reducing MP costs and enhancing elemental affinity.

You can view Soul Hackers 2 Summoners Guide Vol. 3 via Atlus Japan’s Youtube channel below:

The game’s official website was updated too, providing a character profile for Madame Ginko, viewable below with translations:

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In Hanaraku-cho, where the downtown area spreads out, there is a mysterious place called Club Cretitious, run by Madame Ginko. Here, occult cases that only Devil Summoners can solve gather. Take on various requests and hone your skills as a Devil Summoner.

Madame Ginko is described as a bewitching woman, but only due to her appearance. She is calm, intelligent, and responsible.

Soul Hackers 2 will release on August 26, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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